Friday, August 1, 2008

A Little Bit Crazy...

Well, if there's one thing that we don't need more of in this's work. Don't get me wrong, things are getting better day by day since these scrumptious little darlings arrived. However, it's still a rat race. Sometimes I smoke The Deuce, and sometimes they smoke me. That's kids. In true Sarah fashion though, I decided that things weren't busy enough for me. I decided that I need an extra 4 loads of laundry a week to wash and fold and so I ordered cloth diapers. That's right. Cloth. Diapers. So for those of you shaking your heads right now, stop. Just stop. That is unless you can float us a loan to pay for the $160.00 in diapers that we're using every three weeks. That's right. Three. Weeks. It's amazing that those little, teeny, tiny, disposible things are worth their weight in gold. But alas, they are, and so back to the story line...cloth diapers. They arrive tomorrow.

I'm sure I won't be short on blogging content then. Unfortunately I probably won't have time to post because I'll be washing diapers in the toliet. Giddy Up!

If you're interested in what we ordered, check out the Bum Genius 3.0 here.


Conner said...

Woo hoo! We can start this together- gulp! Laundry and poopy cloth, here we come!

Anonymous said...

Cloth diapers sure have come a long way since Dustin was wearing them!
When are you going to have a girl so I can buy those pretty PINK Bums?
Aunt Kim

jedishoney said...

Thats great!!! I did cloth diapers for a while when asher was a baby.. just for asher, becuase we had 2 in diapers and no money... But when I did it, the washer and dryer at our appartments didn't work.. well, let me rephrase that, the dryer worked, but after I pulled a load of clothes out and a roach came with them, I didn't use them anymore.. so I had washed,. and hung the diapers all over the bathroom. It was quite a site!! :) Just think.. in our parents day... when they were babies.. there wasn't an option! how far we have come!

J Money said...

~Aunt Kim, I sure did hear ya' on the pink bums! Hopefully a little girl is in our future!

Much love, Sarah