Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I woke up feeling kind of funny and thought to myself "I wonder if I should take a test?" One year ago today, I took the test and saw two sweet little pink lines. One year ago today, I had NO idea how much my life would change, and that those pink lines meant an instant family of four. One year ago today...

The day I found out was the Monday before my sister's wedding. My mom was in town and staying at my house. Jeremy had left for work and I got to sleep in because I had taken the week off from work to help get things ready. As soon as my eyes popped open I decided to take the test. When both lines appeared I could hardly see them straight as I was still trying to get my eyes to focus. I immediately went to find my mom who was in the back yard on the phone. As soon as she saw me, she hung up and asked if I was pregnant. Indeed I was. We did the typical girl thing and cried and hugged and jumped up and down. As soon as we calmed down, my mom ran to Walgreens to buy two more tests. They all came back positive in less than 10 seconds. "Oh, my!" I kept saying to myself. "How will I tell Jer?"

I decided sooner was better than later because I didn't want to take away from Court's week. So I called Jer and asked him to meet me for lunch. It's a LONG drive for him to come to this side of town and he's usually reluctant, not that day though. Somehow he easily agreed and we settled on The Range Cafe. We met soon after and I gave us long enough to order drinks before I offered Jer his "early" birthday present. We had a family member's wedding on his birthday and so I told him I was excited to give it him and since we wouldn't get a chance to celebrate later, now was the time. As he started unwrapping his gift, I went on and on about how it was the perfect gift, how he had wanted one for soooo long, blah, blah, blah. He was clueless. That is until he opened the box. As he slid the tape open, the sleave of the "Tax Deduction" onesie popped out. I've never seen Jer go as blank as he was in the moment. He simply stared at me and asked over and over, "Are you kidding me?"

I can't really remember the rest of the day. It included lots and lots of happy phone calls and congratulations but that's about it. I do remember the sheer joy of it though.

A few weeks later I was having quite a bit of pain in my abdomin. We called the OB and she wanted us to go straight to the ER to get checked out. They thought the pregnancy was etopic and if so, it needed to be removed before it ruptured. The next seven hours were so draining and worrisome. Our joy had sunk and we thought the worst. As they wheeled me down the hall for an ultrasound, I just remember holding Jer's hand and being so thankful he was there with me. I knew no matter how bad things got, at least he was there. We talked briefly with the tech who told us he could not disclose anything to us about what he saw. What a liar. He did his thing for about 20 minutes and then told me because I was so good and didn't ask any questions, he would show us a little something. Well he lied again. He showed us two little somethings. He had turned the screen towards me and said, "So here's the uterus and here's Baby A and Baby A's heartbeat, and here is Baby B and Baby B's heartbeat, do twins run in your family?!?!" Whaaaaa? Twins??? Are you sure? And he was sure. The doc came and confirmed and told us the pain was just a rapidly expanding tummy. Seven months later, well you know the ending...

One year ago today. Life is but a vapor.


Courtney said...

And don't forget that I knew you were having twins before you did!!

Love, Aunt Courtney

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that with us. You two are truly blessed.
Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Germ,
Just pretend that it is July 30,2008 when you received this comment. One year ago I was trying on clothes in Dillard's dressing room when; my cell rings and "Grammie Pammie" was off the wall-over the moon excited about the news she had been given from her oldest daughter! I could'nt understand a thing she was saying so I told her to put Sarah on the phone. What a wonderful family moment. It ranks right up there in the memory archives!
Hugs and Kisses To
Benji and Jaws

Kellie - Mother Of Twins said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I have twin boys as well. I loved reading this post in particular, as it reminded me of the day we found out we were having more than one...What excitement and wonder! A day never to be forgotten!