Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wal-Mart May Never Be the Same

Ever been shopping at Wal-Mart, had a basket full of groceries, and then your baby has a giant blow out? I have! I did my shopping last night with poo down my pants, on my flip flop and between my toes. Oh and another nice addition was the poo trail we left between the dog food isle and the shampoo isle. Of course I left the diaper bag at home too. Why does this only happen when you're out and about? Have a story of your own...leave it in the comments!


jedishoney said...

The only blow out I had with my kids was Ez on the way to Denver in the middle of no where.... we had to pull over to the side of the road.. and he had to ride the rest of the way with a blanket on his seat...
Wal Mart story... was when Asher was potty training.... and.. was in underware.. and... well.. there was a puddle.. :)

Rachel said...

Definitely have had blow-outs out of the house several times, but BOTH of my children are fond of the projectile vomiting blow-out at the grocery store. Man. I probably won't share the rest with you in case you are eating lunch, but it has been baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad before. I am SO glad I have another mom friend who can relate! Sometimes I feel alone in those moments! Hoping you have recovered,


Brian and Lauren said...

I remember a time when Crystal had an ear infection and was on meds. We went to Cici's after church and well, her poo was the consistantcy of water and it went all over my shirt. My sister-in-law actually went to the dollar store to buy me a shirt to change into, so I could actually eat and not stink!!!!
Ah the joys of childhood!!!