Friday, December 14, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Great RV Trip, Part II

Next up was one of the longer stretches of our drive.
It was only about 8 hours in theory but a host of things, like a Texas size rainstorm that lasted for about 2 1/2 hours of the drive {that had us keeping about 55-60mph} and an impromptu stop for dinner in Ozona, TX at a Dairy Queen that was literally the and filled to the BRIM hunters from opening day of deer season, held us up a little longer than expected. Since the kids were tucked in fast asleep for most of this drive, it was only Jer and I who were worse-for-wear by the time we finally arrived in San Antonio. The time that they were awake, though, found us filling out postcards, listening to some Greg and Steve, and learning about the state we were in. 
In a total a-ha! moment, right before we left, I hit up the library for an arsenal of books, books on states, books on CD, and some kid friendly road trip CD's. It was a hit! Everything was free, new to all of us, and provided lots opportunity to keep those busy bodies still. Highlight: painting Texas Blue Bells while driving through Texas. Lowlight: Singing The Number Rock approximately 234 times. Highlight: Everyone can count to twenty in their sleep. Lowlight: Not sleeping because The Number Rock won't stop playing through your head.
As for Grace, when she wasn't napping she enjoyed sitting in her high chair and watching most of the action. She also enjoyed the occasional marker that rolled her way and grabbing at the edges of an unguarded picture.
Once we rolled in, found a place to park, and changed to summer clothes, we hit the streets of downtown San Antonio. First stop, The Alamo! The fact that it was lunchtime, that it was hot, and that it was busy did not brood well for our clan. We did a little bit of reading {i.e. this momma tried to tour in about 6 1/2 minutes while the boys chased squirrels in what was most definitely zoned off grass} and then we moved on to the Riverwalk.
Again, busy, hot, and hungry made navigating our three man stroller through the narrow and uneven walkway a bit of a challenge. However, we soon found a restaurant and enjoyed an incredibly leisurely lunch, river side. Abe even did a photo shoot, sans help, while we ate. Here's what he captured...

And although our time in San Antonio was just long enough fill our bellies with some Tex-Mex and a quick cup of ice cream, it was time again to load up and start driving. After all we had plans {BIG plans} come Monday.
And they involved being in Louisiana!