Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm Lame....

MANY have asked, "What are the Deuce going to be for Halloween/Fall Festival (which is also Reformation Day!)?" So here's your answer. Nothing. I. AM. TOO. CHEAP. Come on now! $25.00 a costume x 2! Pass. Maybe next year you'll see pictures of them dressed up like Luther's 95 Theses though. Now that's a costume I bet no other kids will have!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To Pacify, Or Not To Pacify?!

Here's the deal. Our boys have been privy to pacifiers in their short lifetimes. When they were first born we would give them to them whenever fussing without "reason" would commence. Remember the blind plug?! However, as they got older we stopped giving them to them as often and eventually at 6 months, nixed giving them to them all together. Well sometime in the past two months, Abe found a rebel pacifier in his crib and likes to grab it when we lay him down for a nap or bedtime. I haven't minded, mostly because he puts it in his mouth when he wants it and he doesn't NEED it to go to sleep. He just seems to enjoy it. Plus he looks so darn content laying there all snuggly and sucking away. So my question is, "Do I pull the plug?" Literally? As I sit typing, he is in the jumperoo, jumping away and...sucking. I, who am desperate to finish pumping before they eat at 3, am allowing him to have his pacifier because it is keeping him content at the moment. So is this wrong? I don't want to be the mom with the two year old running around with a pacifier in his mouth but at the same time our schedule is not always glitch free and an added "hand" once in a while is a big help. So what do I do. I fear if he's allowed to have it at sleepytime, it will carry over into other parts of our day. However, is it wrong to let him enjoy having a pacifier at 8 months old? This seems like such a non-essential issue but yet can have long term affects (says the girl who had a blankie till she was 10!). Your thoughts?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Warned You!

[Me, trying desperately to get a load of laundry started only to be thwarted by a fussing and generally unhappy Benji.]

"Benji-Boy, stop fussing boo. Mom needs to start this load of laundry."

"Whaaaaa, aghhhh, aghhhh, whaaaaaa!"

"Benji-Boy, if you don't stop this fussing, I'm going to stick you in this laundry basket!"

"Whaaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaa, WHAAAA!"

I guess he can be glad that I wasn't taking the garbage out!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Letter From A.B.

Dear mom,

Now that I'm crawling I really thought we should discuss some boundaries. I no longer like to just lay contentedly on the floor, kick my legs, and play with toys like my brother. Rather I would like to explore the vacuum plug while it's on, or chew on some clean clothes while you fold laundry, or maybe try and get to the heater vent since that hot air that blows out of it is so interesting. So instead of doing your usual "grab me and haul me back to my usual safe places," I was thinking you should probably let me just do what I want. On the chance that you don't understand this last suggestion, I will be more than happy to let you know when the said circumstance arises by letting out a wretched shriek that rivals the depths of Mordor. You know, like the kinds of screams we hear at Wal-Mart, Mom?! The kind where you said you would rather drop dead than have a child act like that? We'll I wish I could write more but I'm off to try and catch up with the cat. Glad we could have this talk.
Love, A.B.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008


Tonight A.B. crawled across the living room and managed to pull his toy gym on top of himself. I have to admit I was a little surprised he could accomplish this feat. I just sat on coach and waited for him to fuss letting me know he was done but it didn't happen. Instead he just shot big grins my way. I think he was a little proud of himself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet the Graduates of 2026!

(Theo, Ben, Charlotte, Thomas, Abe)
Class of 2026, isn't that crazy?! Believe it or not but this is our weekly playdate group (minus Keely). The babies don't really play yet but all of us moms love the chance to get together and visit! I look forward to many lunches with these tykes and their mommas; and Lord willing someday maybe their graduations. : )

Welcome to the Family....

Uncle Chris!! Chris popped the question last night to Auntie Manda. Chris is smiling because she said "Yes!" The boys are smiling because they've got another meal ticket to McDonald's in a few years.

Our Little Pirahna

A.B.'s bottom chompers are working their way in more and more each day. I think it's because he's so good at chewing on things like our fingers, cheeks, chins...his brother; pretty much whatever he can get his little hands on. All I know is that I think this kid has a taste for flesh.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What's Up Doc?!

Benji's boo-boo's
A.B.'s boo-boo's
Five Looney Tunes bandaids later, we left Dr. K's office today with two VERY unhappy boys. The Deuce had their six month well-baby appointment this morning and needless to say it was not the highlight our week. On top of teething and a change in their schedule, they were lined up for shots. Not a great week but now that it's over, we've checked quite a few things off our list. (whew!) Abe's teeth don't seem to be bothering him so much, they are now happily on a four hour feeding schedule and 3 meals a day, and we don't have to go back for any poking or prodding for six whole months! Hooray!
We got some good news a the doc's today too. Abe is now considered to be consistent with a "term" baby. He was in the 10% for weight (15.15 lbs.) height (25.5 inches) and head circumference (??). Ben...well...not so much, but he still is doing wonderfully! Weight (12.14 lbs.) height (26 inches) and head circumference (??). The good news with him is that he is consistently growing, which is all they are looking for. So the difference in weight is now almost three pounds and man can I feel it! I don't know how I'm going to lug their heavy rear-ends around for much longer! There was a little boy in Target the other day that told his mom that I was stronger than "daddy" as I walked into the store with my cargo. Hilarious but quite possibly true.
Dr. K also gave us the go ahead to start some protein (chicken, turkey, lamb, and eggwhites). I'm not sure quite why, but I just have a hard time choking down that these little people who used to barely eat 12 cc's at EACH feeding are getting ready to chow down on some thanksgiving turkey with the rest of the family. Call me crazy but isn't that real people food?! Are ya sure?! Can't they just stick to pureed fruits and veggies for a while? I finally accepted that they like bananas and zucchini. Now you want me to throw a whole new wrench? Sheesh. This train needs to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This picture was harder to take than anyone will ever know.

Bathtime Karaoke

Benji boy likes my bathtime sing-songs. Tonight he choose to try and follow along. I wasn't surprised when he didn't know the words and was a little sharp. His daddy would say he sings just like his momma.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There's a New Sheriff(s) in Town

Thanks to Auntie Manda and Chris, Ben and Abe will be drawing six-shooters in no time. Giddy up little dudes.

I Don't Think the Instructions Recommended This...

Hmmm, that's funny. It didn't seem this dangerous at the time. Don't look Grammie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


two teeth. Abe. Has. Two. Teeth. The other bottom tooth cut this morning. I can't even write any more than that. If you need me, I'll be crying in my pillow.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Guess Who Has A Tooth?!

That's right! It's already cut the skin and feels sharp as a razor. It looks like we'll have our own live in jack-o-lantern this year!
*Smile courtesy of Tylenol*

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Standing Abster

A.B., doing his favorite new trick, all the while ignoring the paparazzi. What a talented boy he is. I don't think he looks at ALL like daddy. What about you?!?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Second Thought...

They may look sweet (look at those baby blues!!)...
don't let them fool you...

Monday, October 6, 2008

What A Couple of Monkeys!

Sorry for the bad lighting. Turn the music up and enjoy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snuggle Party

Tonight, the boys and I got in some serious snuggling. That'll cure what ails you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Koehlinger Twins Update!

Blessed friends, my apologies as it has been over a week since my previous email. Kelly, the girls and I remain in Cincinnati. A week ago Saturday, Kelly was discharged from the hospital after the surgery for the twins. We were required to be at a follow up appointment on Monday. After a series of various tests, the doctors said everything looked great and the surgery could not have gone any better. Praise God. We were free to go home. Our flight was scheduled for 11am Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning Kelly noticed some fluid leakage which progressively got worse as we waited for our flight. We called our doctor here and in Albuquerque to hear what they thought about it. Both responses were the same,"Do not get on an airplane, go back to the hospital." This was perhaps the hardest decision either of us have ever had to make. Torn between the risks of flying and getting home to Sasha and our family and friends whom we long for. Despite every urge inside both of us, we knew that we didn't really have a choice. We had to do whatever was thought to be in the best interests of our unborn daughters. As we sit here now, four days later, we continue to second guess ourselves. However, God's plan continues to unfold. He has guided us and we continue to lay everything at His feet. The girls appear to be doing fine. Testing did confirm that it was indeed amniotic fluid which is not good. However, there are several possible explanations some worse than others. Worst case being that her water broke which is bad for every reason. Several ultrasounds have confirmed that both of their sacs have plenty of fluid which could mean this is not the case. Another possibility is that when the surgery was performed, some amniotic fluid leaked out through where they entered the sac. The fluid could have just taken a while to work its way out. Also, there are times when the sac can tear and leak and then reseal itself in time. Basically, we don't know what's going on in there. There's not really any way to find out either. So for now, we wait. The doctors have hinted at the possibility that on Monday she could be reevaluated and possible released to go home for the remainder of her care. How likely this is we are not sure. However, hope abounds. We are taking it one day at a time and look foreword to going at least back to Albuquerque. Please continue to pray for our girls. They need to be strong and grow quickly. Pray that Kelly remains healthy and strong. Pray for our little Sasha that she is having fun and will be content for a while longer. Pray for Kelly and I to continue to look to Him and have peace in His will. God Bless you all.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Happened?

This is how I found Abe after his nap yesterday. One arm out of the neck hole of his onesie and absolutely soaking wet from sucking on the sleeve. Looks like not much sleep was had. I wonder if you can count saliva rings like you count rings on a tree. Maybe then I could calculate how long he had been laying in there waiting for momma to come.

To Our Uncle Nards and Aunt Staci...

We finally fit in our San Fran shirts.

Love, B + A