Monday, April 21, 2008

The Blind Plug

Jeremy and I had a good laugh today while we were in the car. We were driving and our little Aber decided to launch into his King Kong mode because he was hungry. Well Jeremy instinctively reached around from the drivers seat, found Abe's fallen pacifier, and began to try and stick it in his mouth. It took him a couple of seconds but he succeeded and Abe was once again quiet. I remarked at Jeremy's quick and effective approach and he started to explain his method. It was only at this moment that we discovered that we both used the same technique for this type of situation and that THOUSANDS of parents before us had probably used the same trick. This ploy is now affectionately know as the "Blind Plug" in our house. What is the Blind Plug you ask? Well let me explain. First, the blind plug involves the following variables:
1. A crying baby/babies
2. A pacifier
3. Some circumstance where one's vision is greatly impaired
When the baby is crying and you are in a circumstance where you cannot see the baby's face (either from not wanting to turn on a light for fear of waking the baby, you are driving, etc.) you grab hold of the pacifier with your middle finger and thumb taking note to leave the index finger free. You then use the index finger to poke around on baby's face until you locate the mouth. NOTE: Poke softly! Remember you cannot see where you are poking! Once you locate the mouth, you insert your index finger just slightly as to "hold" your place. You then use your middle finger and thumb to insert the pacifier into the crying baby's mouth. Voila! The Blind Plug. Magic!

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SallyandAsher said...

I was so behind in reading your blog because my bookmarker didn't update, so I didn't think you had updated, silly me!! I'm caught up now, I had missed so much!! It makes me excited to meet our boys and become the next freak show!