Sunday, December 15, 2013


My Judah Boy, Have I ever told you how much of a surprise you were? How those lines turned pink in a dear friend's bathroom just minutes shy of a grilled burger, a board game, and an awkward chorus of Happy Birthday to our host? How your daddy and I sat whirling, trying to answer questions about dead presidents and just what exactly makes up a Waldorf salad, all the while thinking about your twelve week self being knit within and the year old babies at home tucked in to cribs themselves and just how in the world would we ever survive three under two?

And now, just a blink later, and we are singing Happy Birthday again. Only this time it's to your four year old self.
This year, you didn't ask for much, just some BBQ chicken and a wedo-wedo {Despicable Me} cake. Talk of a party or presents never even crossed your lips, except when you older brothers tried to work you over in their ever-so-loving-older-brother-sorta-way. One of my favorite lines was Ben's admonishment that he, "would let you open a present on HIS birthday" and the other was Abe's wondering if, "you hoped to get Star Wars Legos for your birthday" because HE hoped you did.  You took it all in stride though, lovey. Always eager to just fit it with the big boys. And by the way, when you did open your Despicable Me action figures? You immediately distributed them equally amongst your brothers. No credit to us, it was just a glimpse of the compassionate heart that the Lord has begun fashioning in you. Don't think we didn't cheer a little inside, though.
In your fourth year of life, here are a few things that we celebrate about YOU!

You are still a water dog, although your little sis is giving you a run for the money on the title for the house. You are always and I do mean ALWAYS barefoot. You love red vitamins and and the pink plate, although you've been a little more divided lately on if pink is just for girls or not.You have the the chunkiest booty and best rhythm out of the bunch. One you get from me and the other your daddy, although I'll never tell which is which. You love Legos and your Superman costume and you are notorious for still peeing all over the bathroom seat {please outgrow this one soon, son?!} You constantly ask for the radio in the car and one of your favorite bands is Red Mountain Church. A close second is anything that brings the funk. You love helping me cook and bake and you are a work horse when it comes to outdoor projects. It's not out of your norm to devote several hours to helping me pull weeds or your daddy chop wood. And now, one of my most favorite memories of you is the half morning you spent with your pop on the beach carrying his shovel while he used his metal detector. You still give the best hugs and you reserve only the most special animal kisses for me at bedtime. 

You care for your brothers and sister whenever they are hurt or sad and you are the sweetest with any sort of baby, although you have a special affinity for your Baby Hannah. We often call you Pig Pen and let's just say it's never up for debate on where you sat at dinner. You loathe spankings and love "spicy sauce" {cinnamon applesauce}.You are the stealer of our hearts and you are FOUR. You, our Just Judah.