Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big Boy Room

While Jer and I were away, my mom and aunt were faithful in their promise to paint The Deuce's room {MY HEROES!}. This was no small feat, by the way, because they did it in the evenings AFTER they took care of And did my laundry. And watered my garden. And, and, and...can you say, Advil?! And since they handled all of the dirty work, we thought it only fair that they get to paint it the way they wanted to and let them surprise us with it. Our only requests were no red on the walls {think angry bulls} and that they take it from a nursery to a big boy room. I'd say they hit a homerun, don't you think?
BEFORE {as in before they were born}
They also hung the star that we picked up from Hobby Lobby a while back. I love how it lines up with the break in the colors on the wall.
Their creative juices extended beyond just paint, though. Fabric swatches from the boys quilts now cover the switch plates and outlets, as well as their dresser knobs. A star lamp that I picked up at Target, also adds a sweet touch and a flip easy switch for tiny fingers to turn on.
A slight impulse buy was this shotgun thing{?! }from the 66% off isle at Hobby lobby. I have no idea what it was meant for but I hot glue gunned the wooden "No Cowgirls Allowed" sign to where it was missing a part and hung the boys coats on it. It's the perfect size for independent boys who like to do things for themselves.
Another room favorite is this little wooden horse I snagged up for a few bucks. He sits amidst our books and the boys think he's awfully silly because as they put it, "Horses don't sit!"  
Also worth mentioning are these toddler sheet sets that include a fitted top sheet! How great of an idea is that?! The elastic keeps them on the bed no matter how many double barrel rolls your tot turns in the night. I seriously wish they made them in a King.
My absolute favorite part of their room, though, are the rain gutter books shelves that Jer put up this weekend. The idea came as a suggestion from a friend and I cannot get over them! They are the perfect height and add such a fun display of their current favorites in the book department. We even put their horse pillows below them in hope of encouraging a quiet reading nook for the mornings they wake up too early. Which is pretty much every morning but who's keeping track?! 
As for those of you who might be wondering where the skull wound up, well, he's on the wall giving the evil eye to anyone who threatens to get out of bed without permission. Abe seriously thinks he's a bank and wants to know why he can't put his "monies" in the eye holes.
Now to just carve out enough time to get their quilts finished and a few more finishing touches and we're in business! Thanks for all of your links and suggestions! And an extra big thank you to my mom and Aunt Ooby-Dooby! I'll never paint without you guys again ; )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Benjamin,

Lately, you've been needing less of a nap than your sleep loving brothers, so we've been spending a great majority of each afternoon together in the front yard. 
I have to say the time alone with you, my son, my firstborn and bearer of your late grandfather's name, has been nothing short of a sweet blessing and has left me in awe of how much you are growing and maturing. 
Sometimes we talk about the neighbors walking by or a barking dog  up the street and sometimes we just water alongside one another in solitude. It really doesn't matter to you. You are content, so long as you are near your momma. 
I wish I could express to you how much these afternoons mean to me, sun shining on your face, lashes illuminated as you laugh at a butterfly or chase after the kitty. How I wish I could make you understand what unadulterated joy it brings me to watch you watching a honey bee move from flower to flower or the look on your face when you set the hose down and  the cold water catches your shoeless feet. 

How I'm thankful that these nap sacrificed days are helping me to get to know you that much better, to spend time exploring what interests just you, or to just slow down and take in life with no agenda. 
After all, one can't exactly enjoy an apple while watching ants crawl by with an agenda, as you so aptly remind me when I try to get a little yard work done on the side.   
You are a treasure, entrusted to me by the Lord. And as much as I may not want to say it, I must. Thank you for not napping, my precious, precious boy.   
Momma loves you.
My Growing Gift List
Time with the firstborn
Apples, crisp and cold
Sun kissed eyelashes
Laughter from my boy
Grass on bare feet
Sunlight through tree branches
Ants in a line
Shuggles {a.k.a. shovels} and digging with the boy
Living seamlessly, choring and teaching and weaving in the graces of God
Water flowing cool and clear
Front yard play-dates with the neighbors until the daddies get home
Wonder in the mundane
Momma love 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This morning, this boy of mine surprised me by getting himself ready. Although a bit backwards in the northern regions, he was mighty pleased that he got his shoes to "point in," as we call it. 
Clever boy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Along with standing by a long time sister-friend in her wedding and precious time away with my husband, our recent trip back east also found my heart delighting in seeing the infamous Cherry Blossoms that debut only at the onset of spring. Blush adorned park edges, carpets made of fallen pink blossoms, and their captivating sweet scent only further stoked my exhilaration to be a part of their winter-fed unfurling. How their pastel petals beckoned to be gazed upon! 
 Make no mistake though, more than just the Cherry's were in bloom! Hydrangea clustered in bridal white bouquets...
 ...and tulips pushed up wherever ground found sun. 
How this earth is alive and proclaims of The Creator!
And while my eye might have been lured by the whimsical Cherry's, the classic tulips, or even the dramatic Dogwood's... heart was in tune with this blossom bare lily.
 For the lily reminded me to give thanks.

My ongoing {be it ever so slow} list of 1000 Eucharisteo!
Time away
Comfortable beds away from home
Making new friends
 I do's
Tears in the eyes of the groom
Dancing, dancing, dancing
Time with cousins
Crab boils
The excitement of a new place
Flowers that remind
Coming home
A daddy who checks in continually even when he's thousands of miles away
Cuddling a sick wee one when the rest of the house is quiet
Fever that breaks
Steamy bathroom relief for coughs
A brother who willingly helps and a sister who came despite our sick ward
Advice from my mom
Dr.'s who reassure
Popsicles in the waiting room brought by a empathetic nurse
Sleepovers while daddy is gone
Restored health
Restful sleep 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Listerine Anyone?!

So it's no secret that my boy likes to collect items but what's not so obvious is that he also likes to put things where they belong. This has been a relatively harmless hobby of his until a couple of nights ago.

Last Thursday, I fumbled around in the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table amidst a sea of noisy children and chairs scooting across the tile floor. Dinner was late and I was frazzled and in a hasty move, I flung open the cabinet drawer and grabbed the first utensil my hand could grab; a pair of tongs. I then preceded to serve up mounds of pasta and green beans. We all sat and ate and the chaos subsided once the little bellies were  full and  had headed off to bathe away the day. It was only at this point, however, as I was left to clean up the mess that I realized what I has used to serve up dinner. 

In an oh-so-helpful state, Abe had generously taken my diaper pail tongs and placed them where they "go," in my cooking utensil drawer.

It's just a non-stop party around here these days.