Monday, May 9, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Along with standing by a long time sister-friend in her wedding and precious time away with my husband, our recent trip back east also found my heart delighting in seeing the infamous Cherry Blossoms that debut only at the onset of spring. Blush adorned park edges, carpets made of fallen pink blossoms, and their captivating sweet scent only further stoked my exhilaration to be a part of their winter-fed unfurling. How their pastel petals beckoned to be gazed upon! 
 Make no mistake though, more than just the Cherry's were in bloom! Hydrangea clustered in bridal white bouquets...
 ...and tulips pushed up wherever ground found sun. 
How this earth is alive and proclaims of The Creator!
And while my eye might have been lured by the whimsical Cherry's, the classic tulips, or even the dramatic Dogwood's... heart was in tune with this blossom bare lily.
 For the lily reminded me to give thanks.

My ongoing {be it ever so slow} list of 1000 Eucharisteo!
Time away
Comfortable beds away from home
Making new friends
 I do's
Tears in the eyes of the groom
Dancing, dancing, dancing
Time with cousins
Crab boils
The excitement of a new place
Flowers that remind
Coming home
A daddy who checks in continually even when he's thousands of miles away
Cuddling a sick wee one when the rest of the house is quiet
Fever that breaks
Steamy bathroom relief for coughs
A brother who willingly helps and a sister who came despite our sick ward
Advice from my mom
Dr.'s who reassure
Popsicles in the waiting room brought by a empathetic nurse
Sleepovers while daddy is gone
Restored health
Restful sleep 


Josh and Kelly said...

way to go on your hard eucharisteo in the midst of illness. we were there too this week! blessings and health to you!

Shaunie @ Up the Sunbeam said...

So easy to relate to each grace on your list! Your pictures are beautiful!

Deborah said...

I love number 5 also. What a great list.

Sydni said...

Bea-U-tiful pictures!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

The pictures took my breath away! Just beautiful!!!! Nothing like a popcicle when you need one!!! Thanks so much for sharing your list this week -- even when not feeling the best! It was a blessing to read it all!!!

Candra Georgi said...

i heart cherry blossom trees!!!

Aunt Kim said...

I whole heartedly agree with "comfortable beds away from home!"

Very well said Sarah