Sunday, August 29, 2010


With the intention of occupying The Deuce for a few so I could accomplish some minor Friday chores, I gave them my Dirt Devil Cone and a nearly empty {and non-toxic!} bottle of Method-Wood for Good and told them to go forth and clean up some dirt! And clean up some dirt is exactly what they did!
I found them both outside spraying down and sucking up every leaf, stick and grain of sand that they could find. 
Even the garden wasn't exempt...
I guess a little more clarification woulda been helpful, huh? But then again, sometimes "helpful" isn't always best!
As usual, we've been busy as ever around here. Our  kitchen remodel came to a close just in time for a much anticipated visit from Gammy and some special time with my sis, bro-in-law, and brother. While I wish I could say that I took a lot of pictures , I didn't. No real good reason why, either. Instead, just some really great memories and laughs that we'll savor until our next weekend together! 
 The few pictures that I did happen to take were of a tremendous rainstorm that left us all huddled around the living room window in absolute awe. After the thunder and lightening stopped and the rain let up, we took the boys outside for a little gutter walking. The gutters were running so fast, however, we had to hold on tight so they wouldn't float away! 

 In other news, things are very two-ish around here. Make believe, storytime, coloring, forts and LOTS of chatter fill our days. The boys' vocabulary is growing by the day hour minute and it seems their ability to do things is too.
 Some of my favorite things about B&A right now are 
1.} Their conversations with each other. Especially when they use kind words. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than hearing Ben console Abe, "Don't kai {cry} brofer!"
2.}They have learned to "trade" when they both want to play with a certain toy. They.Actually.Take.Turns. Sometimes. For like a second :) 
3.}They have both mastered the age 5 and up playground equipment at the park.
4.}Their unique personalities and how I can see a glimpse of the young men they are becoming. Ben's desire to "help" no matter what you are doing and Abe's love for playing with his barn, cars and tools. 
5.}Their love and genuine excitement to spend time with all of the special people in their lives. They are so loved and they know it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


...excuse the mess! And the random pictures at the top of the page! I am currently amidst a blog overhaul, DIY style! {If it's not one renovation, it's another!}Things may will look out of sorts for a few days until I get all the kinks worked out but at least this new format allows me to post BIG pictures of our three beautiful boys. And I know that's all you really come here for anyway...
In the meantime, can you guess what we're doing in this picture?!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Can't Belive I'm Still Blogging About the Kitchen

Yesterday our back splash was grouted, the crown molding went in, and our knobs and handles were installed! While we are still waiting on shelves and one last door {could it be in a more obvious spot?!}, I went ahead and moved my stuff back into the kitchen mostly because I just couldn't take another week of eating out! Even spaghetti was starting to sound like a five star meal!

It sure is wonderful to know that we are finally on the other side of this little project. And the best part is now we get to enjoy and use it!

AND my right eye has finally stopped twitching!
 In fact, I love it so much, I keep telling Jer that I think employee productivity and overall work morale have increased dramatically.
I think he'd agree that his benefits aren't too shabby either...
 This weekend, as a way to get rid of some old stuff and recoop on some slight overages in our remodel, we had a yardsale. 

While we had SEVERAL offers on this guy...
...not many people wanted our junk.

I raked in a whooping $71.60. 

Needless to say it didn't do bupkis for my indiscretions at the tile store.
But our garage has never looked better. Right, Rene?! : )

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pillow Talk

Every night, after we read a story and pray, Jer and I take turns tucking in each of the boys.

And every night Ben tries to make long the time that the door is open and that his momma and daddy are still in the room.

Lately, his stalling tactic of choice is to ask me to give him good-night kisses all over his tiny little two year old body.

I have kissed knees, elbows, belly buttons, eyes, eye lids, ears, toes and fingers All kisses of good-night. And all to a chorus of giggles. He points and I, smiling to myself in the darkness, willingly oblige.

Tonight was no different. Tonight was just as sweet as any other. Same sweet voice, same sweet giggle but the conversation is not one I ever hope to forget because it is just so...Benny.

I warn you; there is no great punch-line. No crazy picture. Just a few sweet words from a sweet little boy. My boy. Who will all-to-soon lose the last remaining bit of his baby-ness and know all the right ways to say things.

{Me: Entwined in a wrap of little arms, kissing the face of my boy.}

"Good night, Benny. Momma loves you!"

{Ben: Full-on OPERATION STALL, pointing away }

"Eye-sh! {kiss left eye}
Eye-sh {kiss right eye}
No-sh! {kiss nose}
Mou-sh! {kiss mouth}
Face-sh! {laugh and kiss left cheek}
Other face-sh! {dissolve on the spot, kiss right cheek and bite lip to keep from going into the ugly cry.}"

People may tell you that the words "I love you" are the greatest words you'll ever hear from your children.

And I wouldn't disagree.

But what they don't tell you is that everything else that they say, well, it runs a pretty close second.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Littler Closer

Our counter tops are in! Our dishwasher is hooked up! Our stove is ready to cook! Our fridge is makin' ice and we are starting to unpack a few things! 
And we are mostly back into the swing of things around here. Man were we getting sick of eating out! And washing dishes in the bathroom! 
We also have a sink-hallelujah! Cleaning up after a meal has never been so fun! 
While there are still several things to finish up, we are hoping that by the end of next week we will be completely done!
I also picked up part of our back splash today. I wish the camera did it justice. It's a mixture of travertine and matte and glossy glass tiles. I LOVE it!

Another thing I am loving...

Does it thrill all of you like it does me?! 

Take this cabinet for instance, it holds baking sheets. And that's it. 

Be still my heart! 
And don't even get me started on the fact that all of the drawers open! We'll be here for a week!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cabinets, Pt. II

Most of our cabinet doors went in today! {Still missing is some of the doors, shelves, and crown molding!} Tomorrow our counter tops go in and the hope is that by Friday we will have a sink/fridge/dishwasher/stove and and microwave. I would be one happy girl if that was the case!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Let There Be Cabinets...Kinda

This last Saturday our cabinets went in...sorta. Really only the bases went in and the doors, shelves, veneer and crown molding are holding out on us just a little while longer. No worries though. The bases will let us do what  we are so anxiously waiting to do; template and install our granite so we CAN INSTALL A SINK! Who-hoo! I will never, I mean NEVER take my kitchen sink for granted ever again!
We're also waiting on three more cabinets that will run over the top of the sink where that lovely wallpaper currently resides. Such a tragedy it will be to cover that stuff up :)
It's really hard to tell from this picture but this corner cabinet is so big The Deuce could both stand up in it at the same time and have their picture taken. And no, we will NOT be trying that.
Here is the new home for our stove. It is anxiously awaiting it's mate, the over-the-stove microwave, to arrive so they can be reunited. Fun fact: Did you know that "almond" appliances have been discontinued? Across the board, appliances now come in white, black, or finger-print stainless steel. We learned this the hard way when we tried to order our microwave a couple weeks ago. Fun Fact #2: Four years ago when we bought all of our appliances, I chose "almond" because I figured it was a classic and it would never, ever, EVER be discontinued. Go figure.
On a funnier note, our boys spend most of their days talking about Mr. Baca {our contractor} and using the "measure-tape" and hammer all around the house. If you ask them what they're doing they say, "I work-in! I work-in!" As a result, many a times we've had to have ridiculously redundant conversations that go something like the following, 

{Boy hammering away on perfectly good and painted wall}

{Enter frantic parent trying to figure out what said boy is "work-in" on}

Parent: BOY! You don't hammer the wall! Well, actually you do hammer the wall but YOU don't hammer the wall!" 
Fun times! Bring on the start of week #4! Can't wait to get this project wrapped up!