Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pillow Talk

Every night, after we read a story and pray, Jer and I take turns tucking in each of the boys.

And every night Ben tries to make long the time that the door is open and that his momma and daddy are still in the room.

Lately, his stalling tactic of choice is to ask me to give him good-night kisses all over his tiny little two year old body.

I have kissed knees, elbows, belly buttons, eyes, eye lids, ears, toes and fingers All kisses of good-night. And all to a chorus of giggles. He points and I, smiling to myself in the darkness, willingly oblige.

Tonight was no different. Tonight was just as sweet as any other. Same sweet voice, same sweet giggle but the conversation is not one I ever hope to forget because it is just so...Benny.

I warn you; there is no great punch-line. No crazy picture. Just a few sweet words from a sweet little boy. My boy. Who will all-to-soon lose the last remaining bit of his baby-ness and know all the right ways to say things.

{Me: Entwined in a wrap of little arms, kissing the face of my boy.}

"Good night, Benny. Momma loves you!"

{Ben: Full-on OPERATION STALL, pointing away }

"Eye-sh! {kiss left eye}
Eye-sh {kiss right eye}
No-sh! {kiss nose}
Mou-sh! {kiss mouth}
Face-sh! {laugh and kiss left cheek}
Other face-sh! {dissolve on the spot, kiss right cheek and bite lip to keep from going into the ugly cry.}"

People may tell you that the words "I love you" are the greatest words you'll ever hear from your children.

And I wouldn't disagree.

But what they don't tell you is that everything else that they say, well, it runs a pretty close second.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Now I have the ugly cry going. My precious babies. Maybe he will let me experience the good night tuck in.

Love Mom

Aunt Kim said...

OTHER face-sh kisses.....priceless

Amanda Torres said...

I love hearing them talk their way out of going to bed. SO sweet, I almost always come back for another kiss. Sweet sweet Benny, I love the way he talks :) I don't want them to out grow the baby-ness. EVER. Thank you for having wonderful boys Sarah, they're such a joy.