Sunday, August 29, 2010


With the intention of occupying The Deuce for a few so I could accomplish some minor Friday chores, I gave them my Dirt Devil Cone and a nearly empty {and non-toxic!} bottle of Method-Wood for Good and told them to go forth and clean up some dirt! And clean up some dirt is exactly what they did!
I found them both outside spraying down and sucking up every leaf, stick and grain of sand that they could find. 
Even the garden wasn't exempt...
I guess a little more clarification woulda been helpful, huh? But then again, sometimes "helpful" isn't always best!
As usual, we've been busy as ever around here. Our  kitchen remodel came to a close just in time for a much anticipated visit from Gammy and some special time with my sis, bro-in-law, and brother. While I wish I could say that I took a lot of pictures , I didn't. No real good reason why, either. Instead, just some really great memories and laughs that we'll savor until our next weekend together! 
 The few pictures that I did happen to take were of a tremendous rainstorm that left us all huddled around the living room window in absolute awe. After the thunder and lightening stopped and the rain let up, we took the boys outside for a little gutter walking. The gutters were running so fast, however, we had to hold on tight so they wouldn't float away! 

 In other news, things are very two-ish around here. Make believe, storytime, coloring, forts and LOTS of chatter fill our days. The boys' vocabulary is growing by the day hour minute and it seems their ability to do things is too.
 Some of my favorite things about B&A right now are 
1.} Their conversations with each other. Especially when they use kind words. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than hearing Ben console Abe, "Don't kai {cry} brofer!"
2.}They have learned to "trade" when they both want to play with a certain toy. They.Actually.Take.Turns. Sometimes. For like a second :) 
3.}They have both mastered the age 5 and up playground equipment at the park.
4.}Their unique personalities and how I can see a glimpse of the young men they are becoming. Ben's desire to "help" no matter what you are doing and Abe's love for playing with his barn, cars and tools. 
5.}Their love and genuine excitement to spend time with all of the special people in their lives. They are so loved and they know it!


Courtney said...

My legs aren't really that white, they just look that way because I'm standing next to Tan Pam 2010.

Anonymous said...

Court Court I don't tan anymore. It's all farmers tan.

On the second note, these boys are really, truly loved and they will always know it. They are surrounded by family that will never let them forget it. And it shows through the love that they give in return.