Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Gracie Girl, Ten Months Old!

My Darling Girl, you are just two months shy of a year and your daddy and I laugh and shake our heads wondering just how much joy one baby can bring. That tiny grin, mouth full of pearly whites, and nose scrunched tight causes even strangers to comment. And we'd right start a college fund if we had a nickle for every comment about hear how your hair shines red.

This month brought more words; da-da and ma-ma and tee (for kitty) said in practically a whisper. And how you love to mimic! Clicking your tongue or clapping your hands or screaming loud in the car. You love noise and you love even more to be the center of attention. You are cruising like a pro and squatting and still trying your hand at standing but you have yet to attempt any steps. I don't mind one bit though. Truth be told, I rather enjoy the sound of your Pamper swishing as you cruise through the house, toy in mouth, the look of determination on your face to find me and crawl up my pant leg. Okay, so I don't enjoy the pant leg part, but the rest is pretty cute.

Your nine month check up told us that you had hit the twenty pound mark and so this month is bringing your big girl carseat. You are the first of our brood to outgrow the infant seat before your first birthday and we are shocked that you are our biggest and tallest (90%)! You make thunder-thighs look cute, though, and at least your aunties can always teach you the ways of long legs and size 10's. Something your 5'4 short-legged momma knows nothing about...

Your infatuation with Legos is only growing as the days pass by. You will.not.leave.them.alone. After you figured out how to stand at the table and use your body weight to pull the drawer open, we have resorted to a big Tupperware bin under the table where all those little plastic pieces stay locked up while you're on the prowl. It still doesn't stop you from checking it out every single time you pass by and opening the drawer anyway to see if there is even one rebel piece. O happy day, when you find one! And even happier the day when a brother successfully fishes it from your mad little mouth. Then they bring them to me like a gypsy selling trinkets at the market! "Look! Look! See what I have here! I only lost one finger trying to retrieve it from the depths of a piranha's my sister's mouth. How much candy is it worth to you...?"

You are so very curious and BUSY. You love dumping toy buckets and emptying out cabinets and opening bags and unfolding piles of laundry. The kitty food has been dumped more than a time or two and if I'm in the kitchen you are guaranteed to be between my feet trying to unload and chew on the utensils from the dishwasher. And you often fuss to be finished in your highchair, only to try and eat food off the floor once you're cleaned up and put down. 

You love wrestling with daddy, being held by your momma, and playing where your brothers are. You are even starting to tolerate their shenanigans of carrying you-and yes, all three of them can lift you under the arms and carry you. You adore snuggling and sucking your thumb and nurse approximately 937 times a day. You love veggies (a first!) and peas and the tops of raw broccoli are amongst your fav's!

Lego hunting and all, you are such a delight, my dolly! And you are so very loved by your daddy and me and each of your big brothers.  

You're our Gracie-Girl and you're ten months old!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Funny-Perspective is Everything

Abe: "Momma! Their names are Ted and Ned! They must be brothers!"