Monday, September 30, 2013

The Fair

In true September fashion, our six pack loaded up and hit the State Fair. This year we happened to make it out for Military Day and the kids were absolutely entranced by all of the soldiers, weapons, and military trucks galore.
And then something happened to us that has never happened before.


And we saw that they saw the ride. 

While we would have normally just said no and scooted them along to the petting zoo or something equally as free, we decided to let them have a go at a few. So a quick ticket purchase later, Jer explained, "two rides per boy-so choose wisely, grasshoppers."

First up? Harley's. (Unless you're Abe. And then you just don't ride anything because you can't possibly choose.) Hilarious part of this ride? Ben stopping the operator to tell him, "Excuse me, sir? I don't really need a seat belt because I'm kinda five." One toothless scowl from that man later and Ben was buckled in quick. True story.
 After the Harley's, the boys decided they wanted something a little more exciting. And what else would do but the world largest traveling roller coaster?

I believe at this point, Jer is explaining to the older two that there is no turning back once you sit down in the cart. Meanwhile the roller coaster cars are crashing overhead and shaking the entire platform. I couldn't hear the conversation but I could read the facial expressions. Note Judah's contemplative lip pulling. It's a trademark move of his when he's really thinking.
Flash forward and only two grasshoppers made it past the platform. Shaky, rattling cars are not for Abe.
 He did make it on the next round, however. With momma. A fear mastered, he decided roller coasters just aren't worth all of his tickets and by the way, "can I just have cotton candy instead?" 
 A few more stops and we rounded out our trip to the fair! Another great trip in the books!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Somehow on this Tuesday morning I've found myself ahead of the day and with a half an hour to spend. Right now as I type, breakfast is finished and cleaned up and morning chores have been accomplished and so the big boys are outside playing and enjoying a sunshiny and cool September morning after a full week of rain. As for baby girl, well, she is wreaking havoc on their Lego creations and "guys" that they tried to stash away hidden in the Lego table drawers. Her favorite? Remove every single head from the mini-figs. Let me tell you, it thrills them to no end. It's fairly quiet though-an unusual state for this early in the morning {or ever, really!} and so I thought I'd post a mish-mash of pictures from what life has looked like lately in the Sloan household.
Ben's idea of dressing himself.

Apple tasting!
*Note Lego creation and mini-fig that are destined for destruction
What the living room looks like at.all.times. 
*Note blanket, yet absence of blanket attendees. {Twentyonedayshaspassed!!NOW what?!}

Her first chocolate chip cookie
 What the boys room looks like all.of.the.time.
 What home schooled kids do with backpacks :)
 Ben's PB and J drawing with a jar of "yam."
Our most recent visitor
 One of these days, I'm hoping to drag out my real camera and take some decent photos again. But in the meantime, this mama to 4 littles is thankful there's any pictures at all! Until next time!

Saturday, September 7, 2013