Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Gracie Girl, Two Months Old

This month found our girl on her first RV ride, beer tasting in Ft. Collins, meeting her new cousin, Isaiah, and FINALLY getting snuggled up by her Grandma Lori. I guess it also could be said that our girl has stopped screaming. As in, her daddy and I wonder every single day who this little girl is. As in, we can eat dinner without bouncing her until our thigh cramps. As in, she's actually becoming a member of our house rather than the defining feature of it. It's lovely and we are so thankful for the reprieve! We've also been tremendously enjoying her toothless grins and cooing, especially Abe. He thinks she's just the silliest thing! 
Our girl is still taking her reflux medicine twice a day, takes one pumped bottle every night for her last feeding, and has the most delicious little sharpei like legs that bring much humor to every diaper change.
With each passing day it becomes harder to remember what life was like without her and all her bows.
She's our Gracie Girl and she's two months old.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

This past weekend, our six pack loaded up, baby swing and all, and headed north to the cow-town of Wellington, Colorado. Since it had been two years and three family babies born since we last visited, we thought it apt to make the nine hour trek. Fully aware that our 'burb would be a little...well...insane...and the fact that we were a little {okay, a lot!} eager for a taste of our upcoming two week gulf tour, we loaded up in our most geriatric purchase and hit the road. Introducing haRVy II, bought in part with Jer's parents, and loaded to the gills in a paisley decor that would give most Florida retiree's a run for their money. Ain't she a beauty?!
Our drive was mostly effortless {for the driver, ahem}, and chock full of snacks, play-doh, and cow sightings, but I'd have to say the highlight had to be the $2 that each boy unwrapped at our gas station stop. All three boys were beside themselves at the candy isle in Las Vegas, NM. Seriously. Twenty minutes of beside themselves. Two Starburst's and a plain M&M's later, though, we were back to play-doh and cow sightings. For another 300 miles. Not that this momma, was counting or anything. Aside from arriving and the sheer joy felt by all to be out of Denver's rush hour traffic and road construction, there's not much to say about our first night there. Unless you count the tornado warning that corralled us all into my mom's basement 45 minutes after the kiddos fell asleep. Yeah. No pictures of that little vacation perk. 

Friday, after a fun day out and lunch with the boys, my mom bravely watched all four kiddos, so Jer and I could head back to Denver for a date night. After an amazing dinner and one of their 207 beers on tap at Yardhouse, we made our way just a few blocks over to Coor's Field for a Rockie's game and a magnificent Denver sunset.

15 rows up and the first baseline view wasn't too shabby either. Although I still don't understand why people boo when the pitcher hits a batter but they cheer for a hockey fight, my love. 
Saturday, brought my sweet sis and bro-in-law, and we met up at the Budweiser factory in Ft. Collins for a little beer tasting and a rare view of the actual Budweiser Clydesdale's and Dalmatian {think commercials!}. Can I just say that pictures do these horses absolutely no justice?! At 6'5" inches tall at the SHOULDER, they are magnificent to see in person. And to see all 8 lined up in a row is spectacular. A definite must do if you're ever in Northern Colorado. 
While us 21 plus-er's sampled some of the draft brews, the younger crowd feasted on pretzels and their own beers...of the root kind.
Smiles all around when the word, "soda" was dropped.
A quick haRVy ride later, our group arrived in downtown Ft. Collins for one of the hottest days I've ever spent outside. Not kidding. The kids didn't even want to wear shirts, it was so hot. 
Somehow our mob managed to brave the heat and smoke for a day of shopping, food, and a blast-from-the-seventh-grade-past concert from Everclear. "Father of mine...tell me where have you been?" Anyone? Anyone? 
 Saturday's drive home brought somber moods, though, as we took in the smoke coming from the High Park Fire. Even though the picture doesn't show it, the sun was literally hot pink and ash was falling heavily from the sky. 
Wildly enough, our Sunday plans for a family picnic at City Park in Ft. Collins should have been thwarted by the smoke, but the Lord graciously gave us a few hours of smoke free time together. Three generations of Haverfield's met, hugged, chatted, ate, and introduced new babies. It was reminiscent of our yearly Christmas' together {minus the Grandma Helburg ornaments and abundance of white chocolate covered Oreo's}  and was over all too quickly.
Back to mom's and a little more one on one time for Grammy and Gracie and our trip found itself at it's end.
 Even though some of us protested. Oh wait, she always protests :)
It was an amazingly, wonderful, much needed time away and with my family. And although I try, words just can't describe what it's like to be with the one's you love.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekends Are For...

 Beauty and the mom and dad's bed.
 Meeting a new cousin...
 ...who brings the tally to 4 boys and 3 girls.
 An owl cupcake...or two...while showering the new momma.
Bathing away a day's worth of holding...
...and then lotioning her up...cheeks to cheeks.
And after it's all over and the house is quiet, enjoying the fuzzy....
 ...and deliciously round parts of of a weekend well spent.