Sunday, November 29, 2009

21 Months Old!

21 months old! Where to even begin! These last few months have brought about so much more change and big-boydom that my heart simply can't take anymore! You boys are SO big! Running and jumping and climbing all over the place! It's definitely no small feat trying to convince you to be still for a moment and taking your picture has become nearly impossible! Luckily for me, you'll still sit down for a snack. You both really like Goldfish and raisins but your ULTIMATE is something from the cake stand. You both know exactly where it's at and you especially like to climb the Fat Sack to get a better look at what might be in store for that night's dessert. "After dinner!" your daddy and I tell you, over and over! But sometimes we let you have your treat early, just because you're sweet.
While one of our favorite games is to still name animals and their sounds, lately your daddy and I have had a lot of fun asking you where parts of your body are. And trust me when I say that we've passed many a cranky moments in the car with "Where's your...??" Ben, you're especially funny at this game, with all of your hilarious facial expressions and zeal for showing us that you know the answers! Our favorite is when we ask you where your ears are because you pull them out and it makes you look just like a monkey!
Dinner time has become quite the comedy hour too, with both of you constantly chattering on like two chipmunks in a tree! You boys always have so much to add to our dinner conversation and it's often that your daddy and I just laugh and laugh our way through the meal! And even though I absolutely despise it, you both have found that tooting in your high chairs gets quite the chuckle from the male population at the table. I try to fight it; giving stern looks all around. The giggling continues anyway and it's beginning to make me feel a bit outnumbered.

As much as you two can be goofballs at dinner, though, you also know when it's time to be quiet so we can pray. Abe, you fold your hands so sweetly, and Ben, you love to proclaim a big, "May-Men!" when your daddy gets to the end. I absolutely love this part of our meal. On most nights, it even makes up for the wind section!As for favorite foods, you both certainly have your preferences! And while you've mostly stopped throwing things from your try, unwanted items are left untouched and we can't even think about making you taste even a bite! Abe, you love all things meat! Hot dogs, chicken, ground beef, bacon and the most surprising, hot sausage from Whole Hog! You're not a huge fan of vegetables but you do love broccoli, green beans and carrots. Ben, much like you're mama, you love all things pasta and bread! Macaroni and cheese is probably your favorite! You can eat it faster than anybody I've ever seen. You'll even forget your disdain for dirty hands just so you can forgo your fork and shovel with your hands! As for vegetables, you prefer peas, corn and sweet potatoes, but you definitely have to be in the mood! You both love fruit. And I do mean love. It's almost preferred to the cake dome. Almost.

While a lot of our days are filled with laughing and playing, it's most certainly has it's challenges too. A definite struggle in our house at the moment has got to be the fighting. Just like most kids your age, you both like to have what you want when you want it. Your daddy and I, we're trying with all our might to teach you sharing and to prefer your brother! Sometimes we get frustrated because it can feel so relentless and we wonder what we're doing wrong that you're just not "getting" it. However, there are also these rare golden moments when you will effortlessly offer your toy to your brother and he will reply with "Dan-Du," which is how you both say "Thank You." It is in those moments that we are reassured that we're reaching your hearts after all.

Happy-Here are a few other things about you at 21 months: You're walking buddy! It's been a bumpy road, with physical therapy and Dr.'s appointments, but YOU'RE THERE! You absolutely love keeping up with the crowd, too! In fact, we can't put you down unless we have your hand because you take off to explore and you have absolutely NO fear of strangers! You'll go to just about anybody and that scares us. A lot. One of your favorite things is to snuggle with daddy. And I happen to think it's one of his favorite things too. The two of you will sit and watch a football game, under a blankie, for hours. Sometimes you'll even doze off this way BUT you don't like to go to bed without "kisses, Eskimo kisses, and butterfly kisses" from your momma.

Mister A.B.-Here are a few other things about you at 21 months: You've learned how to give hugs and your tight neck squeezes are just about the sweetest thing I've ever experienced. You're all brawn and 100% boy but you still love to cuddle with momma. In fact, you'll stop mid-activity just to come give me some love and then you're right back to it! This last month you also figured out how to get out of your crib. Not very gracefully, I might add. Both times that you've done it, you've taken quite a spill. But it's keeping you from trying it more, so we're okay with it! You also love to steal drinks from any cup, bottle, or can that you can get your hands on. You'll even sneak up onto the table to get to one. What can I say, A.B., you keep us on our toes!

And now, there's just one last thing that I want to add about you boys. You're both about to become big brothers! In just about 3 weeks, there will be a new baby brother or sister for the two of you! And while you both seem to understand that momma has a baby in her tummy, you seem more interested in my protruding belly button that you do with the fact that a baby will shortly be coming to live with us. Tonight, your daddy and I were talking to you about how the new baby will cry a lot and you both just laughed at us, like we were the silliest thing you'd ever seen. I just hope that you still think it's funny when it's for real and it's 3 am!

I can't wait though. I just know that you guys are going to be such great big brothers.

Happy 21 months, Ben and Abe! Your daddy and I love you!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving; spending most of our day soaking in these last days with just The Deuce! Jer made a fire and we feasted on Mimi's Bubble Bread while we watched The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in our p.j's.. Later that afternoon, we headed over to Mimi and Pop's for dinner with most of Jer's family and this year's special guests, Auntie Court and Uncle Drew. It was a lovely time and we stuffed ourselves full, to say the least!

The boys' favorite parts were the sweet potatoes and Auntie Court's Cookie Salad!

Ben had a fabulous time trying to divert the room's attention from the football game. He pulled out every trick in his book.
And I do mean every trick.
And no Thanksgiving is quite complete without kids with black olives on their fingers!

We couldn't get A.B. to leave them on their long enough to take a picture! He kept jamming them in his mouth :)
To top things off, a little "airplane" with Daddy!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
We hope that your day was blessed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

36 Weeks

Well, folks, 36 weeks {and 1 day}! I met with my OB on Tuesday and everything is still looking good! Baby is head down but not engaged. I'm 1 1/2-2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced! I thought that was rather exciting but Dr. Okun was quick to remind me that I can sit this way for weeks. Ugh. The doc also gave the baby a good squeezin and had a weight guesstimate of somewhere between 6 and 6 1/2 lbs. This made me rethink the boys' preemie onesie I had chosen for the baby to come home in. I'll take it though. Grow baby, grow!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

35 Weeks

Okay, white flag. It's-a-waving! I'm feeling just a *wee* bit uncomfortable and it's becoming quite the circus act trying to maneuver with the boys!
BUT...I'm also thankful. My discomfort is because I am one week away from term. Two weeks away from full term. And I know that it's worth all the discomfort in the world if it means we get to leave the hospital with our healthy baby.

Our THIRD baby.


As for the other two-here's what I spend most of my day doing:

But I'm usually not laughing, or on camera, when I do it.

And because I know you will ask, they are fighting over my iPod. Not smart, right Grammy?!
But it got a smile outta both of the same time :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've Forgotten...

... just how little these things are!

Other news from the nest-I washed all of the bedding for the bassinet today. Needless to say, it brought back quite the flood of memories, as the last time it was used was when The Deuce were just a few weeks old.
Back when Jeremy affectionately referred to them as Grandpa Joe and Grandpa George!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


...stole the cookie from the cookie jar rack?
Now, I'm no Sherlock Holmes but I've got a pretty strong hunch!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

33 Weeks

It's incredibly hard to believe, but 2 days from now is where I was at when I delivered the boys!

I am in crazy nesting mode too. Poor Jer has been such a sport, calmly responding to my manic episodes and endless list making! He even hired a lady to come clean windows for me (probably out of fear that he'd return from work one day only to find me in labor on the front lawn, Windex in hand)! Truly though, what is it about preparing for baby that makes things that would otherwise NEVER get done suddenly seem so crucial? In my mind I know it's wild, yet the reality is that I still feel like I should scrub the blinds with a toothbrush! Oh, and buy massive amounts of meat. Even cuts of meat that I've never bought before. Like a Chuck Roast.

Pregnancy is strange.

So other thanthe radical hormones, all is good on the home front! My body is still not showing any signs of pre-term labor and at this point we're assuming that #3 will be a full-term, plump-er version of his/her brothers! We've tentatively set a delivery date of December 14th with Dr. Okun, however, she seems to think that it won't be necessary. Her words, not mine. Jer thinks the baby will come by the 4th. And I'm hoping for the second week in December. Just as babies like to do, though, I'm sure this little one will come in his/her own time, and not a moment before.

And that's okay. I still need time to figure out what to do with my Chuck Roast.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Am Taking You All At Your Word...

...when you tell me that someday I will miss the mess. :)