Monday, June 28, 2010

Things That I NEVER Imagined I'd Google...

"How to safely remove Comet from wooden furniture" and 
"Things that will damage a Dyson vacuum."

Hope your Monday was filled with helpers that were a little less...helpful!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


...and the livin' is easy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

According to Jer, Part IIIV

[Jer addressing Ben after he took a DVD out of the player and loaded one of his favorite {his Bible DVD}.}

Jer: Ben you can't load DVD's. You're only two. Besides, if you load DVD's when your only two, I don't know what you're gonna do when you're six.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

For Father's Day, the boys and I loaded up on Friday and headed to Chama to spend the weekend with my dad and the rest of my family {Jer went fishing with his dad and grandpa}! It was a little hectic and I was pretty much second guessing my decision about an hour into our DVD-less drive, but once we were there we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our weekend away with my family! 
The Deuce had an especially good time, mostly because their  every request was met with great enthusiasm by a Grampa and Nana who just love them to pieces {I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual}!  I think their excitement was also spurred on by the fact that they got to do a lot of things that they wouldn't otherwise do at home, like taking a bath in the kitchen sink. They had a good time! And I had a good time trying out dad's new Sham Wow!  
I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend was just sitting on the deck and enjoying the quiet. It is so amazingly peaceful in the mountains! Every night, we would all hang out and enjoy the sun setting and the coolness of the evening. It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent talking and laughing with my family. It's not often that we all are in a place with no distractions! And it's even more infrequent that we get to debate over whether the constellation we're looking at is the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper, all the while eating a S'more.                                                       
This weekend was also filled with lots and lots of horseback rides and visits to the barn. The boys just think it's the neatest thing to have real live horses just a stone's throw away. I had to laugh after I took the photo above {of dad and Vicky taking the boys on a ride}, only because it seemed to me that for once, somebody else looked like a bigger circus than I do when I travel with all three kids by myself! And even though the boys got to do most of the riding this weekend, dad still convinced me to break away and go with him for a "short" ride. Two and half hours later, we begrudgingly returned. I'm here to tell you, what's beautiful on foot, is even more beautiful on horseback!
The rest of our weekend was just as delightful; lots of laughs, and time spent shooting, riding four wheelers  and horses, and {of course!} eating good food!

On Saturday, we also took the boys to the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad to see the trains. I don't think I've ever seen Ben stand so still. While the trains moved but only a few inches, the boys' sense of awe was absolutely contagious. Pretty soon, I don't think they'll let us get away without riding it!
It was a wonderful weekend and while we were sad to load up and head home on Sunday, we were also thankful that we got to spend the day with my dad in Chama and  also back home, with Jer!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growin' Things, Pt. II

Eggplant: Who would have thought that the blossoms would be so pretty!
Cucumber blossoms! I'm hoping for lots of cuc's so I can try this recipe.
Beautiful squash blossoms! I'm trying REALLY hard not to pick them all right now and make these!
Beefsteaks gettin' beefy!
Yellow cherry tomatoes clinging to the vine for dear life! Twenty little pick-happy fingers trace over them everyday to a chorus of, "Boys, not yet!"
Bibb lettuce: Doesn't it just look like a friendly rabbit should hop out at any moment?!
Ice Plant
Cinnamon Yarrow
The start of many Coneflower blooms
Our yucca FINALLY bloomed! Three years after we planted it! Can you say, Prima Donna?!
I have NO idea but they're one of my fav's!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Days

Summer is in full swing around here and Ben has the blond hair to prove it! As hot as it's been these last weeks, {100+ most days} we've still been braving some of our favorite outdoor spots and soaking up as much sunshine and time with friends as the heat will allow! One of our favorite places to go has been our Thursday playgroup. There are sometimes as many as 23 kids at the park, including the five babies that have joined us since last September {FIVE!}. It's just always such a wonderfully fun time for the boys and a great time of encouragement, from some dear like-minded mommas, for me too.

Another one of our favorite spots to hang this summer has been the ABQ Flea Market! We've sort of inadvertently made it a weekend family tradition to go pick up breakfast burritos and then head to the fair grounds to hunt for treasures. And let me tell you, I had my doubts but have been absolutely blown away at the amount of good stuff at the flea market! Brand new, children's hardback books for $.50?! Yes, please! $1.00 for a Spiderman bike helmet for our little Evil Knieval's? Uh-huh! This last week, I even picked up this swing for three bucks! Quite a bargin, I'd say! And as happy as Abe doesn't look in this picture, it really has been a non-stop hit around here...and for more than just the little boys...
And as for the wee one, he's not so wee, but he is still just as sweet! We've started on the great and laborious endeavor that is "introducing solids." We shovel in, he spits it out, we shovel it in, he spits it out {wipe and repeat}. He's nursing five times a day and he's also cutting three teeth; both of his bottom and his top right. While it's made for a slightly fussier boy, I'd say his fussy still falls into most people's idea of content. As for sleep, he's continued to sleep 12 stretches at night and lets us know when he's ready for one of his three naps during the day. And I say this without exaggeration, this boy will sleep through just about anything and anywhere. He loves his momma but he is especially smitten with Mister A.B. In fact, Jer and I spend quite a bit of our day telling Abe to back up, get off, or let go of his Ju-Ju but the funny thing is that Judah NEVER seems to mind! He's rolling both directions and picking his chest up off the ground and I expect crawling is in our not so distant future. And he loves to jump. Loves, loves, loves it! Sometimes I have to even take him out of the jumper because I feel like he's just been in there too long! He continues to be such a sweet addition to our family, eliciting kisses and squeezes from the rest of us. What can I say, I guess we're all just defenseless against his soft coo's and his gummy smiles!These summer days are good. They are memorable. They are filled to the brim with the grace of God. And they are going entirely too fast.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010


Amongst many other things, today I am thankful for...
The blue eyes that seem to mirror the Creator's sky.
Making our daily lunch mess outside.
Swings and the contentment they bring.
And for the extra set of hands who willingly helped keep that swing a swingin'.
And finally, for the fact that at the park, even time-out offers a chance to just sit in the shade and enjoy our Father's handiwork.

What are you thankful for today?