Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wild Hogs

These Harley's were gifted to The Deuce by their Grammy and Grandpa Mark and they absolutely looooooove them.

Day in and day out, they ride.

And they ride. And they ride. And they ride.

And I have been known to disconnect the battery.

Naughty momma.

But really, they love them, so I reconnect it. And they ride.

So here they are...doing what else...but riding! Let me just apologize for Mister A.B.'s fits when he's get stuck. He can't quite go like his brother and it makes him a little...uh...crazy until he can get it going again. {Ah, two!}

Watch how Ben hits the turbo button on this one! He loves him some RPM's!


Tania said...

A little bit of bumper cars going on. hehehe that is so cute! Looks like fun had by all!! *mostly :D

Aunt Kim said...

So hard to believe that they are old enough to ride these mock Harleys. Ben is amazing, not even sure I could do that well!
Thanks Mark and Pam for the entertainment!

Crystal said...

Lucky boys! Look like a ton of fun and they look SO grown up driving like pro's!

Aunt Teresa said...

Looks like they are about ready for street racing ;)

Gina said...

oh wow, that is really cute!