Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 Months Old!

Our Judah Boy is 5 months old!
This month brought quite the whirlwind for our little guy. He came down with his first virus and was sick, sick, sick! Poor Ju didn't smile or coo for almost a week and a half and felt just plain awful. BUT what can you do? With two toddler brothers and lots of playgroups and trips to germ ridden kid places, it was bound to happen. Thankfully, with the help of antibiotics and a little extra lovin, he's back to his happy and healthy self now!
These days, our Ju-Ju spends most of his awake time cooing, kicking his feet, and sucking on his hands. It's such a sweet age, five months. It's chock full of smiles and laughing, and yet they still don't move. Glory, Hallelujah! Just the way I like em'!
Our big boy is rolling both ways and LOVES to stand! He gets so happy when you stand him up and tell him, "Big Boy!" just like his older brother did! He's also mostly on a two-naps-a-day schedule. I say mostly because sometimes his naps just have to happen in the car or in the Ergo so the big boys and I can get out. It's not always preferable but we all survive it just fine and it's helping me to learn to be a little less of a scheduling psycho more flexible. As of this last Sunday, it seems he's earned himself a ticket to the church nursery too. Gone are the days where he would nod off peacefully while Pastor Tim taught. Instead, he now wants to babble loudly and cause an all around adorable distraction.
We are just so blessed to have this little guy around! He somehow adds even more happiness to our little family and we all enjoy his sweet disposition. Thank you Lord for these five joyous months with our Judah Oren!

Mother's Day; blessed to be called momma by these three!


Sydni said...

Adorable distraction is right. I noticed on Sunday how BLUE his eyes are!

Lorena said...

I LOVE the cheesy smiles on those boys. Too cute! And loving that little Judah, such a sweet boy with a precious smile :)

Caitlin said...

How sweet! In the second pic, he looks a lot like Ben, but in the third pic, he looks like Abe! So cute!

Susan said...

Oh I love it! How in the world is he 5 months old already? And I'm right there with you, learning to NOT be a scheduling crazy lady! :)

Aunt Kim said...

Judah is getting too big, too fast. Slow time down a little.
As for your mother's day pic
All I gotta say is this:

Ben: Monkey Mischievous
Judah: Monkey Modest
Abe: Monkey Magnetic

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful family. I miss you guys, and love you guys!!