Friday, May 21, 2010

Growin' Things

I took all three kids grocery shopping with me yesterday and I have the Hebrew National's to prove it.
Yes, those are bite marks.

I guess The Deuce were ravenous despite the eggs and oatmeal and copious amounts of raisins that they put down before we left. {Growin' boys!} I'm starting to think we need a Food Fund instead of a College Fund so we can afford to feed all these boys once they hit about thirteen two and half.

Really though, A&B did exceptionally well, especially for sitting for 45 minutes in a 2x3 ft. basket surrounded by the all the foods that they love to eat. And a free cookie from the bakery sealed the deal on a quiet check-out! Still, I was one relieved mama as we made our way towards the exit with groceries, children, and dignity mostly in tact.

One thought I had as we were making our way across the parking lot, though, is how far we've come, the boys and I. From just quick, nervous trips to Target, to full blown grocery shopping and solo lunch dates. We are still learning, finding out, sometimes painfully what is too much or what needs to be different, but we're making progress. And no matter how absolutely crazy an otherwise mundane errand can become with them, I absolutely love every inch of their little beings and our precious days together.
In other Sloansburg news, summer is in full swing around here my flowers are abloom!

What a privilege it is for the air in our lungs and the ability to bear witness to all the lovely things {be it plants or children} that God is growing in our lives!

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Crystal said...

Oh Sarah I just think you are super mom! I still have a hard time taking my ONE kid to the grocery, you've made me realize it's beyond time I sucked it up and got over my whining! lol