Sunday, February 26, 2012

And We Wait...

The doc says it's good news-no surgery required. Not now, maybe not ever. He say's the meniscus is frayed but not torn and certainly not blocking the joint like he had anticipated. He tells me that the knee is highly inflamed, that it's angry and that's what's causing the pain. I tell him that it's me who's angry...and that I'm tired of the hurting.

We talk options. A Cortisone shot and sending some fluid off to the lab for more testing.

But for now, we wait. 

Your prayers are coveted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cat's Meow

I'm not sure who was more surprised that he was able to curl up next to her. Seeing how Two doesn't exactly bring with it much in the way of gentleness or quiet, climbing onto the bed and then laying down next to her proved to be quite a feat for the little man.
And as I quietly snapped pictures from the doorway, the entirety of just how big my baby is really hit me. So often, I chuckle at his small attempts to be like his brothers. Rather than give him the benefit of the doubt, to let him try, my response is usually just to scoop him up with a playful, "Not for Judah!" and move on.
But as we sat there, him-loving the kitty that had eluded him so many time before, me-pondering his bigness, the inevitable happened. 

He reached out and gave that kitty's leg a yank.

And just like that, my baby was back and all was right in the world again. 
At least, in my world. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In The Thick of It

The other day I was looking at my blogging history and was tickled to see that I had several hundred posts in 2009, half of that in 2010, half of that in 2011, and now 2012 doesn't look any more promising.

I tend to blame it on the laundry. 

But maybe it's more the little people who make the laundry :) 

So after  nearly a two week absence, where to start? 

Maybe by saying we're in the thick of it. 

Today finds me thirty weeks and two days pregnant and tomorrow I go for an MRI that will determine if my knee will require surgery and before or after this baby comes. Now I could go into all the details of the last four months...but really none of it matters. Tomorrow the doctor will, Lord willing, have a clear understanding of what the next course of action is. While our hope is that RELIEF is part of that action, we are also just trying to rest in the promise that the Lord works all things for our good. 

All things. 

Even these nesting, exhausted, hobbling mess kinda days. 

Back tomorrow with an update.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just A Moment

Sometimes an insignificant moment can be just  so precious. Sometimes it calls you even when you lived the whole day busy and distracted. Like when you've cleaned the toilets and read the stories and picked the blocks up and swept all the play-doh off the kitchen floor and you finally find a quiet moment to slip away and put your yoga pants on, only for the baby to follow you. 

And you sigh with exasperation over how you for your self. 

And then it hits you. 

How his long lashes curl just so. And the way he sweetly says, "De's boots?" over and over all while hanging onto his beloved Tinker Toy. How he teeters back and forth when he tries to lift his leg high enough to get it into his daddy's boot.

And you think, how could I not have seen him today? How could I have almost gone this whole day through and not stopped to breathe in his smell, and kiss his sweet, sticky fingers, and tickle his sides while he squeals in delight? 

It's like you're seeing him for the very first time even though you've seen him all day long. 

And the overwhelming love that comes with it could just about pierce you straight through.

Monday, February 6, 2012

28 Weeks and EVERYONE Needs a Grandma Joyce!

Tonight, while I was downloading pictures off my camera, I came across this photo. It was taken two days before Christmas. It's our DRIVEWAY and those tracks are from a TRACTOR. As in, the only vehicle big enough to get in and out of our road until the plow came. And to think that living in Albuquerque we rarely got but a few inches! We still have snow left from this storm and what's no longer snow is now mud. And for those who don't know about mountain mud, I think it takes the cake on just about every kind of mess there is. And it claims every pair of shoes that a family of five can own. Where is the Pinterest board for that little problemo, I ask you?!
Truly, my reason for downloading pictures though was not to blog about our eight week old snow  or my mud woes but to update my mom on a belly pic. So here ya go mom! TWENTY EIGHT WEEKS. Looks mighty familiar and boy-ish, donchathink?!
And last but not least, can I just say that everyone needs a Grandma Joyce. Not only is she the Mickey Mouse pancake extraordinaire but she just loves up each and every one of her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids to the core. This last week, she even came and spent the entire Tuesday with us hemming, and ironing, and hanging my new curtains for me. All while she insisted that I put my leg up with a bag of ice. 

I'm telling you, everyone needs a Grandma Joyce.