Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cat's Meow

I'm not sure who was more surprised that he was able to curl up next to her. Seeing how Two doesn't exactly bring with it much in the way of gentleness or quiet, climbing onto the bed and then laying down next to her proved to be quite a feat for the little man.
And as I quietly snapped pictures from the doorway, the entirety of just how big my baby is really hit me. So often, I chuckle at his small attempts to be like his brothers. Rather than give him the benefit of the doubt, to let him try, my response is usually just to scoop him up with a playful, "Not for Judah!" and move on.
But as we sat there, him-loving the kitty that had eluded him so many time before, me-pondering his bigness, the inevitable happened. 

He reached out and gave that kitty's leg a yank.

And just like that, my baby was back and all was right in the world again. 
At least, in my world. 


Rochelle said...

his face in the last pic is priceless. i laughed out loud!!

JAMIE said...

I laughed out loud due to Kenzie is the same with ours.. she pulls tails... kids........ /He looks devistated as if he does not understand what went wrong.... lol.. love it Sarah... I have been meaning to ask.. How your MRI went????

Aunt Kim said...

Hallmark moment and then some! What a beautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Just Judah!!!!!!


P.S. Pics of the B-day party please????