Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just A Moment

Sometimes an insignificant moment can be just  so precious. Sometimes it calls you even when you lived the whole day busy and distracted. Like when you've cleaned the toilets and read the stories and picked the blocks up and swept all the play-doh off the kitchen floor and you finally find a quiet moment to slip away and put your yoga pants on, only for the baby to follow you. 

And you sigh with exasperation over how you for your self. 

And then it hits you. 

How his long lashes curl just so. And the way he sweetly says, "De's boots?" over and over all while hanging onto his beloved Tinker Toy. How he teeters back and forth when he tries to lift his leg high enough to get it into his daddy's boot.

And you think, how could I not have seen him today? How could I have almost gone this whole day through and not stopped to breathe in his smell, and kiss his sweet, sticky fingers, and tickle his sides while he squeals in delight? 

It's like you're seeing him for the very first time even though you've seen him all day long. 

And the overwhelming love that comes with it could just about pierce you straight through.


Anonymous said...


All My Love
Auntie Deb

Anonymous said...

All this needs is an "Amen."

Love to all of you,