Monday, June 17, 2013

Off With a Bang!

Well summer is off with a bang! And these boys of mine have the farmer tans the Popsicle wrappers to prove it! And while we haven't been up to our usual summer business, we're still managing a thing or two. 

Most recently, The Deuce were ring bearers in their second wedding. To say they didn't melt some hearts would do them a great injustice.  With the exception of Ben pretending his hands were six-shooters during the vows, I'd call it a home run. Highlights of the weekend? Hearing the boys repeatedly call the rehearsal their "training." Their grins once their tuxes were on. The laughter that ensued while we were feeding our starving boys Burger King on the bumper of the Suburban while waiting for pictures in the hundred degree heat-Judah suddenly deciding to pee mid-lunch in the middle of the street only further fanned the laughter flame. Abe seriously asking why Anna would change her last name from Sloan to Gonzalaz. The fact that every time the photographer called the big boys up for a picture, that Judah went too. And that the bride let him stay. The mother-joy that comes from seeing your boys do big things apart from you.
We also managed to log some pretty decent cousin play too despite the fact that they were on lockdown to help keep frosting and punch off of their clothes !
In the interest of summer play, we also jumped in the RV and hit up Durango for a quick weekend getaway and to ride the Dinosaur Train. While the trip was somewhat of a disaster, the train itself was AWESOME. Definitely time well spent and we can't wait to go back!
And no RV trip would be complete...without Gracie in bed with us. By the way, check out these sleeping Sloan Clones...
Anyone seen these babies floating around on Pinterest? Well, we're in love over here but I tweak ours a little. Instead of just a chocolate dunk, I do half butterscotch chips, half semi sweet. Heaven. Give them a try! Dessert in less than twenty minutes and with no risk of a forest fire :)
Also new to us this year, swimming lessons! The boys are psyched and their teacher is phenomenal and handles them effortlessly. After their first lesson, we figured we'd do better to split them up because they really are at three different levels despite their lack of teaching. Turns out one is nearly floating by himself, holds his breath, and seems to be advancing quickly; one is completely petrified; and one is fearless to the point of danger. Any guesses on who's who?

Last, we've been enjoying some late afternoon rainstorms. They're the kind of downpours where you open the door and just listen and watch. Even the littlest is mesmerized by the rolling thunder and sweet smells of the mountain. It's honestly one of my favorite parts of summer and it thrills me to no end to see that my kiddos love it too.
Sweet times these are.

Friday, June 7, 2013