Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Great Night

Last night was a really great night. Jer and I had the chance to go out again. (Thanks to our wonderful family and friends, we've been able to do this several times.) This time we went to our long anticipated Michael Buble concert. Jeremy bought the tickets for the concert way back in January when I was on bedrest! We had a nice dinner and greatly enjoyed our evening. However, the best part of the night was not the food or the music but rather that our little Ben slept through the night!!!! That's right people! 11-5! Hallelujah! Abe woke up at 4 and since it was so close to their scheduled feeding at 5, I fed Abe but left my deeply sleeping Benjamin alone. It seems as if our whole family is on their way to a better nights sleep! I loooooove Babywise!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Six Babies, Three Mommas

Today I had lunch with two other twin mommas, Gina, mother to 10 month old Amber and Ethan, and Sally, mother to in-utero Ezekiel and Benjamin. It was wonderful to be able to catch up with each of them and talk about the craziness and fun that twins bring! I am so very thankful for each of them and the encouragement they bring. Today was a particularily crazy day and yet seemed much calmer after seeing them. I look forward to many more lunches and playdates. Poor little Amber, 5 boys and 1 girl!
Also a quick update on the boys: They are still keeping to that 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night! Hooray! Tonight was their first baseball game (no pictures because mom-brain forgot the camera : ( and they weighed in at on Dynamics postage scale at Ben (7.12) and Abe (9.8). Yikers! Such big boys!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't Be a Weenie...Just Do It...

Don't be a weenie...just do it...that is what I repeated to myself over and over from the time I got up to the time I left the house alone on Thursday. That's right...left the house...alone.
It all started when I went to get my favorite drinks of all time, an Arizona Arnold Palmer, out of our drink fridge only to discover that I was out. Ordinarily I would have jumped in the car and ran into the gas station "real quick"...but not this time. This time I now have to think about what Aunt Deb affectionately refers to as "Two-in-Tow." This time I would have to wake two happily sleeping (and quiet) babies, load them up, grab the diaper bag, drive to the store, unload them, do the shopping, load them back get the point. All for one 20 oz. tea! I don't think so. So, I decided I would make the trip worthwhile and go to Sam's Club. It took me two days to be able to work up the courage to go. I finally set my mind to Thursday and vowed I would go no matter what. Two little babies would hold me hostage in my house no longer!
It took me most of the day just preparing to get out of the house. However, we made it out. I had decided earlier how I was going to manuever once we got to the store so I felt pretty prepared once I pulled into the parking lot. I parked next to the basket corral, put Abe (who was in his carseat) in the front of the basket and Ben in the maximom (yeah maximom!). I grabbed my purse (yes, I am STILL carrying a purse) and the diaper bag and off we went. All went well while we cruised through most of the store. I opted to test the water first in the chip isle just in case we had to bail out. Eventually though, I had to face what we had come for. Drinks. This is where I learned my first lesson in twin limits: You cannot lift Sam's size cases of drinks while wearing an infant on your chest. Had I known the maximom renders you totally useless in lifting anything heavier than the baby, I would not have tried to fill our drink fridge on my own. Nevertheless, pride (and dehydration) pushed me forward and I managed to load an economy size pack of Aquafina. Whew! When I got to the Arizona teas I had to admit defeat though. Those cases were stacked higher than a skyscraper! Plus, I really didn't feel like dislocating my shoulder trying to haphazardly load another thing into the basket. So I asked for help! Go figure.
The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful and when I left the store I realized it had only lasted 23 minutes! An hour worth of work for a 23 minute shopping trip! Nevertheless, it was a successful 23 minutes and I guess that is all that counts. I am now a little more confident in my ability to take the boys out alone and hey, even if it was a train wreck, at least I have my Arnold Palmers, right?!?

One Step Closer to Sleep!

So last night Jer and I fed the boys at 10:30pm....just like usual. We put them down at 11...just like usual. However, they did not wake up at 2:30...just like usual. Instead my big boys slept until 3:45! They slept almost 5 hours!!! When Ben started crying I grabbed my flashlight and headed down the hall but when I got to the kitchen I had to rub my eyes a few times to make sure it really was almost four! I couldn't believe it! Now, I know things could change tonight but nevertheless I still had to share my excitement. Five hours of sleep feels amazing! I really hope they keep it up. We're one step closer to sleeping from 11-5!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Blind Plug

Jeremy and I had a good laugh today while we were in the car. We were driving and our little Aber decided to launch into his King Kong mode because he was hungry. Well Jeremy instinctively reached around from the drivers seat, found Abe's fallen pacifier, and began to try and stick it in his mouth. It took him a couple of seconds but he succeeded and Abe was once again quiet. I remarked at Jeremy's quick and effective approach and he started to explain his method. It was only at this moment that we discovered that we both used the same technique for this type of situation and that THOUSANDS of parents before us had probably used the same trick. This ploy is now affectionately know as the "Blind Plug" in our house. What is the Blind Plug you ask? Well let me explain. First, the blind plug involves the following variables:
1. A crying baby/babies
2. A pacifier
3. Some circumstance where one's vision is greatly impaired
When the baby is crying and you are in a circumstance where you cannot see the baby's face (either from not wanting to turn on a light for fear of waking the baby, you are driving, etc.) you grab hold of the pacifier with your middle finger and thumb taking note to leave the index finger free. You then use the index finger to poke around on baby's face until you locate the mouth. NOTE: Poke softly! Remember you cannot see where you are poking! Once you locate the mouth, you insert your index finger just slightly as to "hold" your place. You then use your middle finger and thumb to insert the pacifier into the crying baby's mouth. Voila! The Blind Plug. Magic!

Walking Off Those Extra Pounds

I started walking today with my friend Carol, her two kids, and the babies. We are both trying to shed some 'winter weight.' Well, hers is winter weight. Mine is 'I'm pregnant, on bedrest, and so I can eat anything I want weight' : ) Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house this morning. The weather is SO beautiful in New Mexico during the spring and early summer. It really set the tone for the day with me and the boys too. There's just something about being outside when the weather is warm. We all enjoyed it, but Abe in particular. He just laid there in a comatose state, letting the breeze tickle his feet. It was hilarious. I wish I had remembered the camera. Another cute part of our morning was that Carol's kids really wanted to take the boys to the duck pond that is close to our houses. They thought the boys would really enjoy seeing the ducks. So sweet!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Getting ready to go to church! (Where's mom's head?!?!)
So cute in their overalls that are bigger than they are!
Ben~mad as fire about his overalls!
Tuckered out after a long day! ( Where's mom's head again?!?)
Today was our first day to attend church as a family! It was wonderful to be able to finally go. We've been working up the courage for the last couple of weeks, but this week we finally succeeded. The boys did ok in the beginning but we started to lose Abe about halfway through (those Sloan genes again!) and then we lost Ben right at the end. Those two know their feeding schedule better than any baby I have EVER seen! I probably pulled them out of service a little prematurely but I still just have this thing about the boys screaming in public, and especially quiet places. I know everyone at the church would be totally understanding and it's bound to happen sometime, but I just still have this thing about it. Get over it, right?!? It was great to have everyone meet them though. These babies have been loved and prayed for since the start and there were a lot of people ready to see the real goods!
After church, Jer and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we were all up, dressed and loaded up in the we went to lunch. We also braved the mall with the babies in their stroller. What a scene we created. It's so funny how people react! I STILL cannot get over it. Truly, I hear all of the time about how common twins are but when we go out in public it's like we are a freak show! Sometimes I feel like we are even wearing signs that say, "Stop us! Ask us anything and make uneccessary comments!" I take it all in stride and I am really not complaining, I just find it humerous so I like to put it in the blog. For instance, we went to dinner Saturday night and our waitress asked me off the bat if I was breastfeeding. We didn't even get a "Hi, my name is...what would you like to drink?" When I told her yes, she then proceeded to scrunch up her face and say, "So they just go at it, both at the same time??" Uhhh...yeah...and I'll have an iced tea, thanks! I guess it's just human nature but it's strange nonetheless. For sure though, the good does outweigh the bad. I just try to use each opportunity that a stranger stops us to remember how blessed we are and what a gift from God my baby boys are!
This Tuesday Abe and Ben will be eight weeks old! It's hard to believe that two months has already passed. I still feel like it was just last week that they were born! I love them so much and they've been with us for only a few short weeks. Everyday we get a little more comfortable with each other and I constantly find myself learning them more and more. I think this last week really helped me to see that. We had such a great last couple of days and we are all starting to fall into our schedule. Their sleeping pattern is SOOOO much better too. They finally have their days and nights corrected. They go down at 11pm and having been waking up between 2:30 and 3:00am. They go back down after their feeding and they don't wake up until we wake them at 5. It's been wonderful! Who would have thought I would ever be so ecstatic about this kind of nights sleep! I don't have any updated weights because the boys haven't been back to the doc but they are chunking up by the day. Abe seems to be pushing 9lbs. and Ben is about 7 1/2. They've outgrown their premie clothes and Abe is in size 1 diapers. Crazy! Next week they start drivers-ed and then they're off to college!
We are all four doing really well though. Jer and I are, by the grace of God, adjusting to life as parents and the boys seem to really be settling into our family. What a blessing everyday is with them. What more can I say other than that I am humbled by God's mercy and kindness on our family. All praise be to Him!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Maximom Makes Its Debut!

Well folks...the Maximom made its first debut! (If you need a refresher on what the Maximom is, click here!) Last Friday Ben and mom cruised the floors of Dillards with ease. Mom shopped; Ben slept. Where was Abe you ask? Riding with his Grammie. I wasn't brave enough to attach both boys to myself. I wanted to see how they would react first. As you can see from the picture below; Ben loved it. Thank goodness for handsfree baby-haulers.
A birdseye view of Ben in his carrier. Where's Waldo?!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys?!?!

Today, April 13th, is my due date! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!?! If I were still pregnant, I would be H-U-G-E (and in a mental institution!). Instead, I celebrated this beautiful April day by going to church and then to my baby shower. It was a good day. In fact, it was a great day considering I got to come home to my two wonderfully healthy baby boys.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pics from the Week

Abe and Daddy
Abe's new baseball hat!

He likes to wear the brim up!


Abe snoozin in his boppy.

Ben snoozin in his boppy.

~Our precious boys~

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Baby Shower!

The "old" baby shower picture...the babies are coming!

The "new" baby shower picture...We're Here

This Sunday, April 13th, is my baby shower. Ironically it's also my due date. So much for that prediction, huh?! It's a bit funny to think that I will almost have seven week old babies by then. Sigh. Seven weeks old. That's almost two months, which is also 1/6 of a year! Yikes! Where is the time going?!?! This is the third and FINAL attempt to have the shower. If it doesn't happen this Sunday I'm afraid it won't happen at all. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I'll see you Sunday!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our First "Twincident"

So today my mom and aunt are coming from Colorado to spend a week with us. Their arrival is bittersweet as it also means Jeremy is back to work and I only have one more week of "live in" help. I don't know why...but being alone with these 20" people scares the heck out of me. I don't think it's so much the actual care, or that I think something will happen, it's just that there is no break and getting out of the house seems next to impossible! I know, I know..."that's motherhood" is what all of you with children are saying out loud right now. I recognize that. I am just a little apprehensive of the solo days to come. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to : )
On another note, Jer and I have been getting braver by the day on taking the kiddos out and about. Now that they're "term" and we're past RSV season, we've been enjoying the warm weather and change of scenery. Yesterday we made a trek to Sam's Club to replenish our drink fridge. Believe it or not, this was a momentous occasion. All four of us, braving the Saturday crowd at Sam's...huge! Anyway, since we were out we decided to eat in the snack bar. While Jeremy was ordering I grabbed a table and used the minute to call my mom. It was at this point in time that we had our first "twincident" (aka~a freaky person, doing something freaky on account of the twins). Anyway, while I was on the phone a random middle aged lady strolled up to us at our table and proceeded to lift the blanket off of Abe's carseat. When I saw what she was doing I gave her a funny look. When she saw me looking at her, she stopped and asked if she could see my babies (to which I thought in my head, "Okay crazy!). I conceeded, lifted the blanket and let her gaze away. Anyway, that wasn't the end, she continued to ask me about twenty questions, "Are they identical? Are they boys or girls? What are their names? When were they born? Why are they so tiny?" All while I was on the phone! This wasn't the problem though. One of her last questions was "Where did you get their hats?" and then she reached in like she was going to touch Abe's face. I swear, at this moment EVERY nerve in my body screamed "DON'T TOUCH HIM!!!" Thankfully...she stopped but only about 1/8 of an inch away from his face. She must have forseen me doing the Exorcist head spin had she touched him. Or maybe her common sense kicked in. Whatever. The point is I didn't have to Purell Abe's face, she didn't have to see my head spin, and security didn't have escort any of us from the building! Whew! This twincident made me think though. What should I do in a circumstance like this? I'm used to people spouting off forward questions from when I was pregnant. Trust me..."Did you use fertility treatment?" is not a question you ask a stranger! What I'm not used to though is random people touching my precious cargo. How do I respond?!? Is it rude to ask people not to touch them? Do you just grin and bear it and deal with the problem as soon as the person turns their back? I want to exhibit patience and kindness no matter what, but sometimes people make it hard! What to do! What to do! For now, I guess I'll just rely on the head spinning and green spew.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Does This Mean I Have My Groove Back?!

For the record...Jer and I did go to dinner last night to I Love Sushi...and a movie, 21. If that doesn't knock your socks off then maybe the fact that I wore shoes with a heel and regular jeans(not maternity) will. You're welcome Carol! To add a wonderful touch to the night, the boys slept for 3 hours and 48 minutes after their 11 pm feeding. On top of another four hour chunk I got because Jer took the 5 am shift, I got close to seven hours of sleep!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Spurt of Blogger Energy

Best Friends!

The Miller's meet the boys!

Abe and at first sight. What else do you expect from a cowboy and his horse?!

Apparently I have reclaimed my blogging juice this morning because I power blogged three entries. Make sure you scroll down if you want to catch all of them!


The curse is passed from mother to son! Good thing I still have my old blanky, he might want to pick fuzzies off of it too!

Official Weigh In

The boys had their check up with Dr. Mosman this morning. Apparently so did two other sets of twins. His first three appointments of the day were all twins! HA! We got their "official" weights too. Ben weighed in at 5.14, 19 inches (my tiny boy) and Abe rocked the scale at 7.4, 20 inches!!! We also got the okay from the doc not to wake them up to eat every three hours! Hooray! Maybe we'll get a four hour stretch tonight! Hey, one can hope can't they?!?!
Tonight Jer and I have a date night planned. My dad will be watching the troops while we hit up our favorite spot, Savoy. If we're brave, we might even try to go to a movie~

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bedrest and Motherhood

Two nights ago, I had another wild night with the boys. It was up and down, sleep and awake, silent then crying for pretty much the whole night. Finally it seemed that I had gotten them both calmed down and sleeping and then Abe started to cry. In this weak moment, I lost my patience. Now don't get ahead of me...I didn't do anything past that moment of exasperation but thinking about it later on that day (with a clear mind and not at 4 am) I realized how selfish my frustration had been. It was at that moment that a very wise piece of advice came back to me.
While I was on bedrest I received an encouraging card from a lady at my church. Her words were kind, cheering me on to keep a bright outlook on my time in bed. However, nothing stuck out quite like one line that she had written. She said, "Bedrest is excellent practice for motherhood, as motherhood will be spent mostly laying down your life for your children." How true I now know that to be! My life is no longer my own, and gratefully so. I love my boys with everything that is within me. I love them more than hot meals, a long shower, and even night after night of peaceful sleep. They are a gift from the Lord! Please Lord, just help me to remember that at 4 am.