Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't Be a Weenie...Just Do It...

Don't be a weenie...just do it...that is what I repeated to myself over and over from the time I got up to the time I left the house alone on Thursday. That's right...left the house...alone.
It all started when I went to get my favorite drinks of all time, an Arizona Arnold Palmer, out of our drink fridge only to discover that I was out. Ordinarily I would have jumped in the car and ran into the gas station "real quick"...but not this time. This time I now have to think about what Aunt Deb affectionately refers to as "Two-in-Tow." This time I would have to wake two happily sleeping (and quiet) babies, load them up, grab the diaper bag, drive to the store, unload them, do the shopping, load them back get the point. All for one 20 oz. tea! I don't think so. So, I decided I would make the trip worthwhile and go to Sam's Club. It took me two days to be able to work up the courage to go. I finally set my mind to Thursday and vowed I would go no matter what. Two little babies would hold me hostage in my house no longer!
It took me most of the day just preparing to get out of the house. However, we made it out. I had decided earlier how I was going to manuever once we got to the store so I felt pretty prepared once I pulled into the parking lot. I parked next to the basket corral, put Abe (who was in his carseat) in the front of the basket and Ben in the maximom (yeah maximom!). I grabbed my purse (yes, I am STILL carrying a purse) and the diaper bag and off we went. All went well while we cruised through most of the store. I opted to test the water first in the chip isle just in case we had to bail out. Eventually though, I had to face what we had come for. Drinks. This is where I learned my first lesson in twin limits: You cannot lift Sam's size cases of drinks while wearing an infant on your chest. Had I known the maximom renders you totally useless in lifting anything heavier than the baby, I would not have tried to fill our drink fridge on my own. Nevertheless, pride (and dehydration) pushed me forward and I managed to load an economy size pack of Aquafina. Whew! When I got to the Arizona teas I had to admit defeat though. Those cases were stacked higher than a skyscraper! Plus, I really didn't feel like dislocating my shoulder trying to haphazardly load another thing into the basket. So I asked for help! Go figure.
The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful and when I left the store I realized it had only lasted 23 minutes! An hour worth of work for a 23 minute shopping trip! Nevertheless, it was a successful 23 minutes and I guess that is all that counts. I am now a little more confident in my ability to take the boys out alone and hey, even if it was a train wreck, at least I have my Arnold Palmers, right?!?


Anonymous said...

That's my girl!!


kevandjennmiller said...

wait till you can take them to the store and have them share your ipod. jenn's a genius.