Monday, February 25, 2008

I Bit the Bullet...

Today, I hang my head in shame. Swallowing all pride and discarding ANY shred of fashion...I ordered the Maximom Twin Carrier. After hearing my friend Melissa describe manuvering her four month old twins to and from a doctor's appointment in the "bus" (aka her twin stroller) I figured there's got to be a better alternative. We'll see.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...

33 weeks...If you would have asked me six weeks ago what that looks like I would have told you I didn't know and didn't think I would ever find out! Yet, here we are...33 weeks and one day. I include the "and one day" part because honestly I didn't know if I would make it to today. Yesterday was probably one of the worst days of my entire pregnancy. No I wasn't having contractions, no I wasn't sick...I just was tired...and for the first time, doubting how much longer I could go. I felt overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated that my body could not cooperate with what my mind felt needed to happen. I'm not really sure why I felt this way yesterday but it was disheartening. I feel like I've done a really good job of "not sweating the small stuff" as they say. For those of you who know me and my habits well, then you also know that bed rest doesn't not exactly line up with how I roll. For the last six weeks I've overlooked a multitude of things that would have ordinarily driven me NUTS! (Thank you anal retentive Haverfield genes) But are not so easily ignored. Case in point: I spent twenty minutes obsessing about a roll of remnant carpet that we have exposed in our garage and how if Jeremy doesn't cover it immediately, it will be ruined forever!! Can you say C-R-A-Z-Y! I truly must be "nesting." How I hate cliches. All I'm missing is the pickles and ice cream.
Alas, today is a different day. Today the clouds are gone and with them my irritation (for the most part). I am happy that I survived yesterday and I am thankful that my babies are one day healthier. I really do want to go another three weeks. I do! I think I'm becoming less convincing though. Oddly enough, the 28th of February has stuck out in my mind, along with Leanne, Grammy and Max. I hope and pray that it is not the case and I especially hope that they do not try and come on the 29th! What a problem that would be! Imagine explaining to your toddler children why their birthday doesn't appear on the calendar but everyone else in their small world does!
The babies just keep on growing though. I can tell because their movements have changed the last week or so. It's strange, the movement that I feel isn't just the sensation of the babies floating around or a kick or punch. I am now feeling their limbs on the inside of my tummy. Over and over a head, shoulder, knee, etc. seems to run along my insides. It's not necessarily uncomfortable, although sometimes they really catch me off guard. It's funny, one of the babies kicks real hard, I jump and then Jeremy jumps. It's the true definition of a knee-jerk reaction. I feel their lower extremities quite a bit as well. Someone (usually Baby A) almost always has a knee, leg or foot right up in my ribs. I get even whenever I can though. As soon as I feel a foot push forward on my tummy, I push right back. They never like that. They usually move to a different spot or kick me. I tell Jeremy all of the time that I wonder if Baby A will not like having his/her legs or feet messed with once he/she is born. It will be interesting to see.
We have another doctor appointment tomorrow. Scary enough, it's my last appointment with Dr. Okun for two weeks because she leaves for vacation. I hope that it doesn't cause me to go into labor like it does when you're at a restaurant and the food comes when someone goes to the bathroom. We really want Dr. Okun to deliver the babies. She's pretty excited too. She said she hasn't naturally delivered a set of twins in over two years. Who knows. If there's anything I've been able to glean from these last couple of months, it's to expect the unexpected.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Same Pictures...Bigger Size

Baby B's Spine

Both Babies-Head to Head

Hair on Baby B's Head

Baby A's Face

Baby A's Face

Baby A's Spine
These are the same ultrasound pictures from our 32 week appointment only a little larger.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

32 Week Appointment

Head to Head: They are already plotting against mom and dad!

Baby B's Spine

Baby B's Profile (Look at that Savage nose!)

Baby A's Face

Baby A's Face

Baby A's Spine

Baby B's Hair (With me and Jer as the parents, how could they not have hair?!?

Today was our 32 week appointment! The babies weighed in at 3.8 lbs. (A) and 3.9 lbs. (B) and they are both head down once again!! (What obedient children they are already!) I figured that B had turned because last week Jeremy and I were just watching tv and then BAM! Baby B about sent me through the roof in pain. I told Jeremy at that moment that Baby B had turned and yes indeed that was the case! According to the doc, they are supposed to be too big to do that still! That should give you a pretty good idea of how it felt! They both passed their BPP with flying colors and as usual Baby B was moving all over the place while Baby A just hung out. They are so different already! It's such an incredible feeling each time we see them! I think they are both so amazing and they haven't even done anything but grow! For the record: today was our 12th ultrasound and WE STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!! No, we didn't secretly find out and just are not telling anyone. We truly do not know! Isn't it great?!?!?
I seem to be doing nothing lately but growing as well. This last week I measured an entire inch bigger than the week before! I also got my first...gulp...stretch marks! Aghh! They are not that bad, just two on my left hip. I knew this day was coming, I just secretly hoped and wished that it wouldn't. Oh well...totally worth it for my babies! And on the bright side, you all now have a way to claim me in an accident if they can't identify me by my fingertips or teeth! Ha! I hit the 40 lb. mark this week too! Wow, what a landmark of a week! Stretch marks, 40 lbs. and a waist that rivals my 230 lb. husband. What a lucky girl I am! It doesn't get any better than this (well, except for maybe a root canal!) But bedrest doesn't allow me to go to the dentist!
A couple of you (Aunt Kim) have asked why in the world my clothes have been different the last two weeks of belly shots as well. The reason for this is two part: First, things are not, ahem, 'fitting' as well as they used to. Yes, even the maternity clothes okay?!?! Second, I just absolutely, positively do not have the courage or heart to ask my darling husband to do one more thing around the house! I really think he might put me out on the curb if I asked him to go through the laundry pile, find, and wash my 'picture' outfit so I can 'match' the previous weeks pictures. You dig? So from now on, belly shots will be taken in 1. Whatever fits 2. Whatever is clean. Glad we straightened that out.
Sunday marks the completion of 33 weeks! Yeah! It is also seven (count them, SEVEN) days from my release from bedrest! That's right folks, Dr. Okun is taking me off bedrest at 34 weeks and letting the chips fall where they may. Of course, it's still up to me and Jer if I want to stay on bedrest and try to make it to 36 weeks. This would be a lot better for the babies and would most likely mean that they could come home with us and possibly not spend ANY time in the hospital. Total Bonus! So as much as I wish it weren't so, I just need to think like the Little Engine that Could and keep my body down. I think I can...I think I can...
Now that you all have enough blackmail (inches, lbs, and stretch marks) on me to last a lifetime...I just want to add to please continue to pray for us and the Los Cuates ('The Twins' for those of you not from the 'Burque). The doctors, sonographers, secretaries, etc. are blown away that I have not had these babies yet. I know that it is ONLY by the grace of God and the love and support of all of our family and friends that I am still pregnant today. We are truly endeared to you all and cannot express to you how much you have blessed us. Thank you for your continued prayers and please know that we are grateful for each and every one of you and your love for our 'growing' family. How sweet the day will be when we can all celebrate together the arrival of the Sloan Twins!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Who will blow it this week?!?! My picks so far are David Hernandez, David Archuleta and Michael Johns; however, I'm a bit uncertain about how an Aussie can win "American" Idol. Perplexing, I know.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day...

Well folks, yesterday was a sad day. Jeremy and I took my weekly picture and belly measurement and just for fun decided to take his measurement too. Well, we were shocked to find that both measurements matched. That's right, we are BOTH 44 inches around our belly buttons! HA! Four inches shy of four feet around!!! This growth is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

32 weeks...Our Second Goal!

Today I have officially completed 32 weeks, or eight months of pregnancy! It's pretty amazing that we've made it this far, especially when just five weeks ago they were ready to deliver the babies. I am so thankful.
I'm still feeling pretty good, with less "symptoms" than the docs say are common at this point in pregnancy, let alone a twin pregnancy. I think it's helpful that I don't know "pregnancy" any other way. Some of the things I am experiencing are just comical, like grunting like a 400 lb. man when I turn over in bed, and some are a bit uncomfortable, like the heartburn. But all of the discomfort is totally worth it. There is still nothing like feeling or seeing one of the babies move and knowing that they are growing and thriving because they are still in the womb.
Our next doctor's appointment is this coming Wednesday. We also will have another BPP and our growth ultrasound at this appointment. We are just hoping and praying that each baby is over 4 lbs. and still growing right on track. We're also hoping that Baby B turns his or her little body around to the right position and stays that way for the duration. It's hard to believe but we are just four weeks maximum away from delivery. In less than a month these little ones will be here and the Sloansburg population will officially be four!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ha Ha!

31 Week Appointment

Yesterday was our 31 week appointment. We had a great appointment and both babies are still looking fantastic! We actually got to see the babies practicing their breathing too. It's such a great assurance to see how much they are maturing. Lately, both babies have had the hiccups several times a day and Darcy confirmed that it is helping them to grow their lungs and get them ready to breathe on their own. Hopefully at next week's appointment we will be able to get some of the footage on video so you all can see how much these little ones have changed. It's amazing to see how much chunkier they look too! Their little faces don't look like skeletons anymore!
We also found out yesterday that Baby B turned AGAIN and is breech once more! I have no idea how I am not feeling this baby turn! We're talking major movement here and yet I am clueless! It's pretty comical but Doctor Okun just attributed it to so much movement overall, it's hard to tell what is what. The movement is definitely one thing I underestimated though. I had no idea that I would be feeling so much and almost all of the time! They are even waking me up at night and early in the morning. Occupational hazzard I guess~
This Sunday will be the completion of 32 weeks! We're really starting to get down to the wire here! We talked to Doctor Okun yesterday and she said once we hit 34 weeks, I can come off bedrest and let things play out as they may. The other alternative is that I can stay on bedrest and try to get the babies to 36 weeks. Jeremy and I are in agreement that we want the babies to be as healthy as possible and come home as soon as possible so it looks like bedrest for another four weeks. What's another four right?!?! HAHAHAHA! In the meantime, I guess we can try to come up with another boy and girl name. We still only have one of each picked out. Does this make us bad parents?!??!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Will!

Happy Birthday Uncle Will~Although it would be exciting to share the birth of the babies with you on your special day, I'm glad to say that I don't think it will be happening...Nevertheless, I hope you have a great day!

Why Grandma Joyce is the Best!

She made each of the twins their own Micky Mouse pancake for breakfast this morning. A Grandma Joyce trademark for all of her grandbabies.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Muy Mal Tia!

+ This...

= A gift like this...

Thanks for the car magnet Les. I'll be sure to put it on my car A.S.A.P!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

31 Weeks and Counting!

Yesterday was 31 weeks! We are officially 6 days from our second goal of 32 weeks!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Beautiful Baby Boy!

Our prophetic friend Carol dreamed last night that we had one of the babies. He was a boy and his name was Timothy Donovan LaRue Sloan. Biblical and yet so French...Oui, Oui! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

30 Week Update

Yesterday was our 30 week appointment and Biophysical Profile. I am EXTREMELY happy to say that both babies passed with flying colors! While Darcy didn't measure them or give us their weights (they only do this every couple of weeks for accuracy purposes), she did do a preliminary check on their size and Baby A actually caught up with Baby B!! They both are between 3 and 3 1/2 lbs and they are both head down! Baby B finally turned after three months of being breech~I am so relieved! Now if we can only make it past 34 weeks, I have a good chance of trying to deliver naturally. It's funny to see the babies on the ultrasound again too. Their personalities are so different and yet we haven't even met them. Baby A is so lazy and Baby B is extremely active. In almost every ultrasound B has been sitting on, kicking or hitting A. A just takes it too. It'll be great to see what they are actually like once they are born and if any of these in-utero personality types will stick.
This Sunday I will have completed 31 weeks (7 days short of our second goal). This also is the four week mark since I was put on bedrest. The medication is still working, however I have noticed that I have been having more contractions lately. This is pretty typical, as the medication usually is effective for only a couple of weeks. I will most likely have to go back into the hospital for a couple of days for what they call a Mag Wash. This is where they hook you up to the Magnesium Sulfate (remember the fire breathing drug?!?!) and clean your system of all of the contraction stopping medicine. After that they send you home and hopefully you're good for another couple weeks on the Nifedipine and Terbutaline.
To date I've gained 36 lbs. I can't believe that I've almost hit the 40 lbs. mark! AGHHHHH! I still feel really good and for the most part I'm pretty comfortable, despite being in bed for the last month and having almost seven lbs of babies in my tummy. : ) The babies are moving ALL the time and it's amazing how much their movement have changed from just four weeks ago. For instance, at least one of the babies has the hiccups every day, sometimes two or three times. They are always moving and kicking and my personal favorite is now that I can feel "parts." This morning I was laying in bed on my right side. I had just woken up and I felt a hard spot just under my ribs. I started pushing on it (I'm almost 100% sure it was a knee) and it would move. I would find it again and push a little and it would move again. This went on for a couple of times and then BAM! Baby A kicked me right in ribs, hard! I love moments like this. They are so simply yet so thrilling.
Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and encouragement. We are so thankful for each of you and appreciate all that you have done for us during this time. Please continue to pray for us and the babies, as we are still not completely out of the woods. If you like, you can join us in prayer that...
  • The babies would continue to grow, grow, grow.
  • I can keep these babies in until 34-35 weeks.
  • That I would remain patient and maintain a right attitude about bed rest.
  • The doctors and nurses would have wisdom in treating me and the babies.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top 10 Ways I Pass the Days on Bed Rest

Top 10 Ways I Pass the Days on Bed Rest
1. Eating. Anything I can get my hands on in the ten seconds that I pass the fridge on my way to the "bathroom" all the while hoping that my maternity sweatpants will stretch just a little more to hold a couple Gatorades, apples, or whatever else sounds appealing at the moment.
2. Playing You Tube Vidoes. I wonder if my children will be music geniuses after the hours of American Idol tryouts that I subject their poor little in-utero ears to.
3. Watching TV. If not musical geniuses, I'm sure that my babies will surely go on to a fulfilling career as HGTV hosts after many hours listening to the hideous problems involved in selling a two-bed duplex in south L.A.
4. Drinking water. OH THE WATER!! Nalgene after Nalgene. This is apparently good for my babies, although I’m forced to leave my bed NUMEROUS times to go to the bathroom. .
5. Looking for stretch marks.
6. Consuming Tums. Gotta love heartburn during pregnancy especially when you spend 23 hours a day laying down. I've actually searched the internet to see if one can overdose on these chaulky little treats.
7. Learning to crochet! ME!
8. Trying new left side positions. Does it make a difference if I lean three millimetres this way or that, position the pillows here or there . . . it never does, of course (my ribs are screaming) but hey, you have to try.
9. Watching my belly contort into a variety of shapes as the babies sock and bop each other.
10. Remembering how lovely it is to stroll through Target with the girls, to go out for dinner with Jeremy. Or heck, just to make my own sandwich.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

29 Week Appointment Update

This last Wednesday we had our 29th week appointment and ultrasound. We were hoping for some more pictures and movies but Baby A measured a little small so the majority of the ultrasound was Darcy measuring and remeasuring different things to see if there was any reason to be concerned. All in all, both babies looked great though. Their heartrates were strong, they weighed in at 2.6 (A) and 3.1 (B), their amniotic fluid looked wonderful, and they are moving all the time! As a precaution, Dr. Okun decided that we need to watch the babies a bit closer so we now will have a BPP, or Biophysical Profile, and ultrasound every week to check on their well being. (Click on Biophysical Profile if you want to read about it). Overall, Dr. Okun didn't seem to be too concerned with the weight difference and chalked it up to the babies most likely being fraternal and different sexes. Don't go putting any money on those odds though! It was just a guess...