Wednesday, February 20, 2008

32 Week Appointment

Head to Head: They are already plotting against mom and dad!

Baby B's Spine

Baby B's Profile (Look at that Savage nose!)

Baby A's Face

Baby A's Face

Baby A's Spine

Baby B's Hair (With me and Jer as the parents, how could they not have hair?!?

Today was our 32 week appointment! The babies weighed in at 3.8 lbs. (A) and 3.9 lbs. (B) and they are both head down once again!! (What obedient children they are already!) I figured that B had turned because last week Jeremy and I were just watching tv and then BAM! Baby B about sent me through the roof in pain. I told Jeremy at that moment that Baby B had turned and yes indeed that was the case! According to the doc, they are supposed to be too big to do that still! That should give you a pretty good idea of how it felt! They both passed their BPP with flying colors and as usual Baby B was moving all over the place while Baby A just hung out. They are so different already! It's such an incredible feeling each time we see them! I think they are both so amazing and they haven't even done anything but grow! For the record: today was our 12th ultrasound and WE STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!! No, we didn't secretly find out and just are not telling anyone. We truly do not know! Isn't it great?!?!?
I seem to be doing nothing lately but growing as well. This last week I measured an entire inch bigger than the week before! I also got my first...gulp...stretch marks! Aghh! They are not that bad, just two on my left hip. I knew this day was coming, I just secretly hoped and wished that it wouldn't. Oh well...totally worth it for my babies! And on the bright side, you all now have a way to claim me in an accident if they can't identify me by my fingertips or teeth! Ha! I hit the 40 lb. mark this week too! Wow, what a landmark of a week! Stretch marks, 40 lbs. and a waist that rivals my 230 lb. husband. What a lucky girl I am! It doesn't get any better than this (well, except for maybe a root canal!) But bedrest doesn't allow me to go to the dentist!
A couple of you (Aunt Kim) have asked why in the world my clothes have been different the last two weeks of belly shots as well. The reason for this is two part: First, things are not, ahem, 'fitting' as well as they used to. Yes, even the maternity clothes okay?!?! Second, I just absolutely, positively do not have the courage or heart to ask my darling husband to do one more thing around the house! I really think he might put me out on the curb if I asked him to go through the laundry pile, find, and wash my 'picture' outfit so I can 'match' the previous weeks pictures. You dig? So from now on, belly shots will be taken in 1. Whatever fits 2. Whatever is clean. Glad we straightened that out.
Sunday marks the completion of 33 weeks! Yeah! It is also seven (count them, SEVEN) days from my release from bedrest! That's right folks, Dr. Okun is taking me off bedrest at 34 weeks and letting the chips fall where they may. Of course, it's still up to me and Jer if I want to stay on bedrest and try to make it to 36 weeks. This would be a lot better for the babies and would most likely mean that they could come home with us and possibly not spend ANY time in the hospital. Total Bonus! So as much as I wish it weren't so, I just need to think like the Little Engine that Could and keep my body down. I think I can...I think I can...
Now that you all have enough blackmail (inches, lbs, and stretch marks) on me to last a lifetime...I just want to add to please continue to pray for us and the Los Cuates ('The Twins' for those of you not from the 'Burque). The doctors, sonographers, secretaries, etc. are blown away that I have not had these babies yet. I know that it is ONLY by the grace of God and the love and support of all of our family and friends that I am still pregnant today. We are truly endeared to you all and cannot express to you how much you have blessed us. Thank you for your continued prayers and please know that we are grateful for each and every one of you and your love for our 'growing' family. How sweet the day will be when we can all celebrate together the arrival of the Sloan Twins!

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