Friday, February 15, 2008

31 Week Appointment

Yesterday was our 31 week appointment. We had a great appointment and both babies are still looking fantastic! We actually got to see the babies practicing their breathing too. It's such a great assurance to see how much they are maturing. Lately, both babies have had the hiccups several times a day and Darcy confirmed that it is helping them to grow their lungs and get them ready to breathe on their own. Hopefully at next week's appointment we will be able to get some of the footage on video so you all can see how much these little ones have changed. It's amazing to see how much chunkier they look too! Their little faces don't look like skeletons anymore!
We also found out yesterday that Baby B turned AGAIN and is breech once more! I have no idea how I am not feeling this baby turn! We're talking major movement here and yet I am clueless! It's pretty comical but Doctor Okun just attributed it to so much movement overall, it's hard to tell what is what. The movement is definitely one thing I underestimated though. I had no idea that I would be feeling so much and almost all of the time! They are even waking me up at night and early in the morning. Occupational hazzard I guess~
This Sunday will be the completion of 32 weeks! We're really starting to get down to the wire here! We talked to Doctor Okun yesterday and she said once we hit 34 weeks, I can come off bedrest and let things play out as they may. The other alternative is that I can stay on bedrest and try to get the babies to 36 weeks. Jeremy and I are in agreement that we want the babies to be as healthy as possible and come home as soon as possible so it looks like bedrest for another four weeks. What's another four right?!?! HAHAHAHA! In the meantime, I guess we can try to come up with another boy and girl name. We still only have one of each picked out. Does this make us bad parents?!??!

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