Sunday, February 17, 2008

32 weeks...Our Second Goal!

Today I have officially completed 32 weeks, or eight months of pregnancy! It's pretty amazing that we've made it this far, especially when just five weeks ago they were ready to deliver the babies. I am so thankful.
I'm still feeling pretty good, with less "symptoms" than the docs say are common at this point in pregnancy, let alone a twin pregnancy. I think it's helpful that I don't know "pregnancy" any other way. Some of the things I am experiencing are just comical, like grunting like a 400 lb. man when I turn over in bed, and some are a bit uncomfortable, like the heartburn. But all of the discomfort is totally worth it. There is still nothing like feeling or seeing one of the babies move and knowing that they are growing and thriving because they are still in the womb.
Our next doctor's appointment is this coming Wednesday. We also will have another BPP and our growth ultrasound at this appointment. We are just hoping and praying that each baby is over 4 lbs. and still growing right on track. We're also hoping that Baby B turns his or her little body around to the right position and stays that way for the duration. It's hard to believe but we are just four weeks maximum away from delivery. In less than a month these little ones will be here and the Sloansburg population will officially be four!

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