Saturday, February 2, 2008

29 Week Appointment Update

This last Wednesday we had our 29th week appointment and ultrasound. We were hoping for some more pictures and movies but Baby A measured a little small so the majority of the ultrasound was Darcy measuring and remeasuring different things to see if there was any reason to be concerned. All in all, both babies looked great though. Their heartrates were strong, they weighed in at 2.6 (A) and 3.1 (B), their amniotic fluid looked wonderful, and they are moving all the time! As a precaution, Dr. Okun decided that we need to watch the babies a bit closer so we now will have a BPP, or Biophysical Profile, and ultrasound every week to check on their well being. (Click on Biophysical Profile if you want to read about it). Overall, Dr. Okun didn't seem to be too concerned with the weight difference and chalked it up to the babies most likely being fraternal and different sexes. Don't go putting any money on those odds though! It was just a guess...

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