Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Quiet Season

These days it's proving to be quite the challenge to write anything of substance about what's going on in our world. Maybe it's time. Maybe it's energy. Regardless, it is how it is. So for now, pictures will have to suffice on their own!

Let me just say, though, I love this boy. He is a constant joy, he adds so much more love and happiness to our family, and I am so thankful to God for him!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Day at Nana and Gampa's

A few weeks ago, our little family took a day trip to Chama to spend the day with my dad and Vicky. While our plans were a little last minute, due to how sick I was, it still turned out to be a lovely day and visit! The boys' absolutely adore their Nana and Gampa. And I have to say the feeling seems to be pretty mutual. We hardly even step foot onto their property before Nana and Gampa snatch them up and they are off and running, taking about a million and a half apples to the horses :) Oh Chama, fun times!

Hey! Ben's in the hay!
My handsome hubby holding our most photogenic babe {like the spit-up?} And because someone always asks, NO that is not a hicky. It is a birthmark. I love my man but I try to keep it classy!
A.B. and Gampa hanging out in the bobcat
Ben "stepping big" and trying to climb the snowy mountain.
Sleddin' time!
I love how Ben is barely holding on and A.B. is busy looking at the passing snow! Ha!
Uncle Dave trying to take a run but the dogs wanted to eat the sled! See Boomer? He's a happy mountain dog now!
Jer about to pull an Evil-Knievel
I just love this picture. I think Abe has his Uncle's ears, don't you?!
Earning his name: Just Judah!
These have been there a while!
Climbing the hill! It was very warm-see Uncle Drew's t-shirt?
Ben-getting a daddy fix.
Ben and Nana taking an evening ride. See the apple in his hand? I think that was #474 for the day.
A&B ending the day with a little birthday cake!
Thanks for the fun day, dad and Vicky. We love you guys and can't wait to spend a lot more time up there making some wonderful memories!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Filling In

With mom not feeling too well, someone has to take care of story time around here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning Two!

This year, we celebrated the boys' birthday in Colorado with most of my family. It was a wonderful weekend, from start to finish, but the highlight had to be getting all of the 2nd generation cousins together. The kiddos ranged in age from 8 years old all the way down to one in the womb (due in early May) and let me tell you it was a party! And a loud one, at that! With most of my cousins just starting their families, I am anxious to see just how many more little tykes our family will wind up with! Out of 11 first generation cousins, we already have 8 second generation cousins! Our family is so blessed!

I also want to say a big thank you to my mom and Mark for hosting the party and to my mom and Aunt Debbie who took care of all the planning and details! It was wonderful and the boy's and I loved every detail all the way down to the fruit snacks in the pinata! I also want to say thank you to Amber, who took most of the pictures of the party so I could enjoy it and be apart of opening gifts and such. Last, I want to say thank you to my entire family, who all took time out of their busy schedules TO COME! It was absolutely wonderful to see all of you and it meant the world to me that you came to celebrate with us! We love you all and we need to do this more often!

{Thanks to my friend, Sydni, for the song idea. She used this tune a couple years ago for her daughter, Chole! Sorry that you'll probably be singing it the rest of the day! Turn up your speakers...if you dare!}

Thursday, March 4, 2010

#2 and I Don't Mean Abe

The other morning, it was crudely brought to my attention that you really should only do unto others as you would like done unto you. Case in point: I was sitting backwards on the toilet {lid down} putting on my makeup while the boys played in and out of the bathroom. Now I have to admit, my pants were riding a little low but that's what you get when you're using your legs as a human shield to two curious little bodies who think every tube of makeup is "tack" {a.k.a chapstick, their absolute favorite thing at the moment, I might add}. Anyway, Ben, who must have been very concerned for his ol' mom's well being, promptly pulled out the back of my pants, took a looooooong look down my backside and proceeded to ask me, "Poo-poo, Mama?"


Also in the world of #2, we have a tub pooper. Fittingly, it is our #2 child, Abe. He's done it {you guessed it!} 2 times. Aghhhhh!!! 1 question though, HOW DO YOU STOP THIS?!?!
On a cleaner note, some of our most recent favorite toddler talk.

Bean-ca=blanket {B&A}
Pot-sass=princess {Ben}
Me-anne=man {Ben}
Back-cack=Backpack from Dora {Ben}
Kia=Their friend Keely {B&A}
B=Ben {Abe all on his own!}
Puppy-ia=dog {Ben}
Geen=green {Ben}

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Much...

....buttercream, mom!