Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning Two!

This year, we celebrated the boys' birthday in Colorado with most of my family. It was a wonderful weekend, from start to finish, but the highlight had to be getting all of the 2nd generation cousins together. The kiddos ranged in age from 8 years old all the way down to one in the womb (due in early May) and let me tell you it was a party! And a loud one, at that! With most of my cousins just starting their families, I am anxious to see just how many more little tykes our family will wind up with! Out of 11 first generation cousins, we already have 8 second generation cousins! Our family is so blessed!

I also want to say a big thank you to my mom and Mark for hosting the party and to my mom and Aunt Debbie who took care of all the planning and details! It was wonderful and the boy's and I loved every detail all the way down to the fruit snacks in the pinata! I also want to say thank you to Amber, who took most of the pictures of the party so I could enjoy it and be apart of opening gifts and such. Last, I want to say thank you to my entire family, who all took time out of their busy schedules TO COME! It was absolutely wonderful to see all of you and it meant the world to me that you came to celebrate with us! We love you all and we need to do this more often!

{Thanks to my friend, Sydni, for the song idea. She used this tune a couple years ago for her daughter, Chole! Sorry that you'll probably be singing it the rest of the day! Turn up your speakers...if you dare!}


Sydni said...

Precious! Grant wanted an Elmo cake when he was two as well only he called Elmo "la, la, la". Can you believe the boys are two already?!

The Brooks Family said...

hey can you either email or fb the pictures from CO. i would like to save some :)

love the slide show...and i did turn up the music!

Aunt Kim said...

Soooo needed this today. What a "boost," and what an absolutely joyous family celebration.
So sad I missed it, but thank you for making me feel as if I were there.
Love you all bunches.