Thursday, March 4, 2010

#2 and I Don't Mean Abe

The other morning, it was crudely brought to my attention that you really should only do unto others as you would like done unto you. Case in point: I was sitting backwards on the toilet {lid down} putting on my makeup while the boys played in and out of the bathroom. Now I have to admit, my pants were riding a little low but that's what you get when you're using your legs as a human shield to two curious little bodies who think every tube of makeup is "tack" {a.k.a chapstick, their absolute favorite thing at the moment, I might add}. Anyway, Ben, who must have been very concerned for his ol' mom's well being, promptly pulled out the back of my pants, took a looooooong look down my backside and proceeded to ask me, "Poo-poo, Mama?"


Also in the world of #2, we have a tub pooper. Fittingly, it is our #2 child, Abe. He's done it {you guessed it!} 2 times. Aghhhhh!!! 1 question though, HOW DO YOU STOP THIS?!?!
On a cleaner note, some of our most recent favorite toddler talk.

Bean-ca=blanket {B&A}
Pot-sass=princess {Ben}
Me-anne=man {Ben}
Back-cack=Backpack from Dora {Ben}
Kia=Their friend Keely {B&A}
B=Ben {Abe all on his own!}
Puppy-ia=dog {Ben}
Geen=green {Ben}


Susan said...

That is funny!

Aunt Kim said...

To coin a phrase for a mother of twin two year olds and a new munchkin as well.....

Crystal said...

Haha You've got me cracking up here, that is too too funny, how cute, the joys of motherhood! lol

Stacy Bobbin said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, totally just guessing here, but does he usually poop around the same time each day? Or mostly after dinner? If so, could you try switching bathtime to before dinner/another time of day? Or, you could always try getting a handheld shower thingy and doing, either way, good luck!
(future mom to a possible tub pooping little boy...yech.)

Mimi said...

Oh Sarah! I don't tell you enough, but some mornings you set the mood for my day with laughter! I love you!!