Friday, June 25, 2010

According to Jer, Part IIIV

[Jer addressing Ben after he took a DVD out of the player and loaded one of his favorite {his Bible DVD}.}

Jer: Ben you can't load DVD's. You're only two. Besides, if you load DVD's when your only two, I don't know what you're gonna do when you're six.


Tania said...

hahahahah thats funny!!! When Ethan was 6 months old he would go and change the station on the radio to the music him and his dad like... He is still that way.. :D Babies are amazing!

Aunt Kim said...

Tell Jer to call me.....I'll tell him what he will be doing when he is six!!!!

Carol said...

When my kids were tow I trained them to operate the VCR. Nothing like 30 minutes of extra sleep, due to excellant parenting. The following weeks were how to get ur own sippy cup and snack out of the frige :o)

By age six, Bacon and eggs anyone?!