Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Somehow on this Tuesday morning I've found myself ahead of the day and with a half an hour to spend. Right now as I type, breakfast is finished and cleaned up and morning chores have been accomplished and so the big boys are outside playing and enjoying a sunshiny and cool September morning after a full week of rain. As for baby girl, well, she is wreaking havoc on their Lego creations and "guys" that they tried to stash away hidden in the Lego table drawers. Her favorite? Remove every single head from the mini-figs. Let me tell you, it thrills them to no end. It's fairly quiet though-an unusual state for this early in the morning {or ever, really!} and so I thought I'd post a mish-mash of pictures from what life has looked like lately in the Sloan household.
Ben's idea of dressing himself.

Apple tasting!
*Note Lego creation and mini-fig that are destined for destruction
What the living room looks like at.all.times. 
*Note blanket, yet absence of blanket attendees. {Twentyonedayshaspassed!!NOW what?!}

Her first chocolate chip cookie
 What the boys room looks like all.of.the.time.
 What home schooled kids do with backpacks :)
 Ben's PB and J drawing with a jar of "yam."
Our most recent visitor
 One of these days, I'm hoping to drag out my real camera and take some decent photos again. But in the meantime, this mama to 4 littles is thankful there's any pictures at all! Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I know your time is precious so thanks for the picture update. Love from Colorado!!!


Teresa Brooks said...

love you all Sarah and ps what what was the red specks on bedroom floor?

aunt Kim said...

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Heck NO!
Love them all! Hope school is going well. We so appreciate the updates. Loooooove you