Monday, August 2, 2010

Let There Be Cabinets...Kinda

This last Saturday our cabinets went in...sorta. Really only the bases went in and the doors, shelves, veneer and crown molding are holding out on us just a little while longer. No worries though. The bases will let us do what  we are so anxiously waiting to do; template and install our granite so we CAN INSTALL A SINK! Who-hoo! I will never, I mean NEVER take my kitchen sink for granted ever again!
We're also waiting on three more cabinets that will run over the top of the sink where that lovely wallpaper currently resides. Such a tragedy it will be to cover that stuff up :)
It's really hard to tell from this picture but this corner cabinet is so big The Deuce could both stand up in it at the same time and have their picture taken. And no, we will NOT be trying that.
Here is the new home for our stove. It is anxiously awaiting it's mate, the over-the-stove microwave, to arrive so they can be reunited. Fun fact: Did you know that "almond" appliances have been discontinued? Across the board, appliances now come in white, black, or finger-print stainless steel. We learned this the hard way when we tried to order our microwave a couple weeks ago. Fun Fact #2: Four years ago when we bought all of our appliances, I chose "almond" because I figured it was a classic and it would never, ever, EVER be discontinued. Go figure.
On a funnier note, our boys spend most of their days talking about Mr. Baca {our contractor} and using the "measure-tape" and hammer all around the house. If you ask them what they're doing they say, "I work-in! I work-in!" As a result, many a times we've had to have ridiculously redundant conversations that go something like the following, 

{Boy hammering away on perfectly good and painted wall}

{Enter frantic parent trying to figure out what said boy is "work-in" on}

Parent: BOY! You don't hammer the wall! Well, actually you do hammer the wall but YOU don't hammer the wall!" 
Fun times! Bring on the start of week #4! Can't wait to get this project wrapped up!


Teresa said...

Oh Sarah ~~ just had this conversation with 11 highschool girlfriends this weekend. I too have all almond and know what's ahead but also totally agree on the finger print stainless steel, never have really been a fan. Lookin good girl, lookin good :)

Lorena said... looks so different and so good! Can't wait for the end project. Not too much longer!

Anonymous said...

You're hangin like a trooper, both of you. Between the hammers (plus twins) and no sink, and the fact that jobs are never done by the time they say they will be. I promise, two more weeks it will completely finished. Ooops, did I say two weeks? Okay, two more days, and it will be completely finished. I love it so much. Huge transformation and gorgeous colors.