Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Can't Belive I'm Still Blogging About the Kitchen

Yesterday our back splash was grouted, the crown molding went in, and our knobs and handles were installed! While we are still waiting on shelves and one last door {could it be in a more obvious spot?!}, I went ahead and moved my stuff back into the kitchen mostly because I just couldn't take another week of eating out! Even spaghetti was starting to sound like a five star meal!

It sure is wonderful to know that we are finally on the other side of this little project. And the best part is now we get to enjoy and use it!

AND my right eye has finally stopped twitching!
 In fact, I love it so much, I keep telling Jer that I think employee productivity and overall work morale have increased dramatically.
I think he'd agree that his benefits aren't too shabby either...
 This weekend, as a way to get rid of some old stuff and recoop on some slight overages in our remodel, we had a yardsale. 

While we had SEVERAL offers on this guy...
...not many people wanted our junk.

I raked in a whooping $71.60. 

Needless to say it didn't do bupkis for my indiscretions at the tile store.
But our garage has never looked better. Right, Rene?! : )


Aunt Teresa said...

Looks Mar ~ vel ~ous Sarah !! 2 questions what was on the tv?
what was baking in oven?

Sarah said...

You're funny!

T.V.-I have no idea

Oven-zucchini bread

Anonymous said...

It is Beautiful Beautiful! I am so happy for you that it's finished and turned out so wonderfully! Can I just say that I am IN LOVE with the back-splash... I have already started scheming how I can talk Kurt into one- Hmmmm... a yard sale isn't a bad idea :-)

The Brooks Family said...

looks great...good job!

Sally said...


Anonymous said...

It all came together so beautifully, but like I told you four weeks ago, "well worth the wait when you see it tying together." Taking pictures of your oven baking? Yep, you're in love. Good job guys!!

Love you, see you in two days,


Anonymous said...

Sarah, your kitchen is absoluatly beautiful!
FYI - TV is Pawn Stars :) One of my latest favorite shows.

Lorena said...

Love, Love, Love it! Looks so good and so glad the twitching is O.V.E.R.! Enjoy that kitchen Mamma and the garage looks beautiful too! (Glad that the blinds and baseboards are gone so we don't bang our head on them, he he).