Monday, August 9, 2010

A Littler Closer

Our counter tops are in! Our dishwasher is hooked up! Our stove is ready to cook! Our fridge is makin' ice and we are starting to unpack a few things! 
And we are mostly back into the swing of things around here. Man were we getting sick of eating out! And washing dishes in the bathroom! 
We also have a sink-hallelujah! Cleaning up after a meal has never been so fun! 
While there are still several things to finish up, we are hoping that by the end of next week we will be completely done!
I also picked up part of our back splash today. I wish the camera did it justice. It's a mixture of travertine and matte and glossy glass tiles. I LOVE it!

Another thing I am loving...

Does it thrill all of you like it does me?! 

Take this cabinet for instance, it holds baking sheets. And that's it. 

Be still my heart! 
And don't even get me started on the fact that all of the drawers open! We'll be here for a week!


Sydni said...

Oh yeah. I love organization too. A place for just baking pans? Wow! I'd be in heaven. Kitchen looks great!

Amanda Torres said...

GORGEOUS!!! It all looks beautiful Sarah. But even more exciting is the organization, you know I'd go for it!! I love it :) A whole cabinet just for baking sheets, such a beauty. And I"m in LOVE with the undermounted sink. The backsplash is gonna be perfection!!

Crystal said...

Oh Sarah is it absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! And putting stuff away in the cabinets already, I bet you are THRILLED! It's so fun starting from scratch and getting everything organized!

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely amazing and beautiful. And yes, it did thrill my heart as much as yours. After all, we are women!! Just one question, how many times have you wiped down your counter tops already, even without having to do the dishes? Do you follow it up with a dry clot for buffing? :) I did it all the time. Enjoy!!!


Aunt Kim said...

OK~so if you can make it through kitchen renovation with twin two year olds and one below one....I can make it through a flooring makeover on levels one, two, and three!!!
But the disorganization!!!! I am not sure I can handle that.
In the end, your kitchen looks amazing!

Aunt Teresa said...

Beautiful ~ Beautiful Sarah, I was just telling your mom and Sherry sat. nite I'm thinking bout going with granite and a larger island and getting rid of bistro table & chairs. Enjoy ~~