Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big Boy Room

While Jer and I were away, my mom and aunt were faithful in their promise to paint The Deuce's room {MY HEROES!}. This was no small feat, by the way, because they did it in the evenings AFTER they took care of And did my laundry. And watered my garden. And, and, and...can you say, Advil?! And since they handled all of the dirty work, we thought it only fair that they get to paint it the way they wanted to and let them surprise us with it. Our only requests were no red on the walls {think angry bulls} and that they take it from a nursery to a big boy room. I'd say they hit a homerun, don't you think?
BEFORE {as in before they were born}
They also hung the star that we picked up from Hobby Lobby a while back. I love how it lines up with the break in the colors on the wall.
Their creative juices extended beyond just paint, though. Fabric swatches from the boys quilts now cover the switch plates and outlets, as well as their dresser knobs. A star lamp that I picked up at Target, also adds a sweet touch and a flip easy switch for tiny fingers to turn on.
A slight impulse buy was this shotgun thing{?! }from the 66% off isle at Hobby lobby. I have no idea what it was meant for but I hot glue gunned the wooden "No Cowgirls Allowed" sign to where it was missing a part and hung the boys coats on it. It's the perfect size for independent boys who like to do things for themselves.
Another room favorite is this little wooden horse I snagged up for a few bucks. He sits amidst our books and the boys think he's awfully silly because as they put it, "Horses don't sit!"  
Also worth mentioning are these toddler sheet sets that include a fitted top sheet! How great of an idea is that?! The elastic keeps them on the bed no matter how many double barrel rolls your tot turns in the night. I seriously wish they made them in a King.
My absolute favorite part of their room, though, are the rain gutter books shelves that Jer put up this weekend. The idea came as a suggestion from a friend and I cannot get over them! They are the perfect height and add such a fun display of their current favorites in the book department. We even put their horse pillows below them in hope of encouraging a quiet reading nook for the mornings they wake up too early. Which is pretty much every morning but who's keeping track?! 
As for those of you who might be wondering where the skull wound up, well, he's on the wall giving the evil eye to anyone who threatens to get out of bed without permission. Abe seriously thinks he's a bank and wants to know why he can't put his "monies" in the eye holes.
Now to just carve out enough time to get their quilts finished and a few more finishing touches and we're in business! Thanks for all of your links and suggestions! And an extra big thank you to my mom and Aunt Ooby-Dooby! I'll never paint without you guys again ; )


Amanda Torres said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out. Especially the rain gutter bookshelves!!! I can't wait to see it in person :) Yay for little cowboys!

Sydni said...

YOU DID IT! You did the rain gutter book shelves!! They turned out SO awesome! I'm so excited--now maybe I can talk Kyle into letting me do this for Chloe. Was it easy to do? Does it seem stable? The whole room looks great. :)

Aunt Kim said...


Anonymous said...

It is definitely a big boy room now. I really love how it came together. Grandma really likes the "No Cowgirls Allowed" the best!!

Great job. Letters will be on their way soon for their names.