Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Listerine Anyone?!

So it's no secret that my boy likes to collect items but what's not so obvious is that he also likes to put things where they belong. This has been a relatively harmless hobby of his until a couple of nights ago.

Last Thursday, I fumbled around in the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table amidst a sea of noisy children and chairs scooting across the tile floor. Dinner was late and I was frazzled and in a hasty move, I flung open the cabinet drawer and grabbed the first utensil my hand could grab; a pair of tongs. I then preceded to serve up mounds of pasta and green beans. We all sat and ate and the chaos subsided once the little bellies were  full and  had headed off to bathe away the day. It was only at this point, however, as I was left to clean up the mess that I realized what I has used to serve up dinner. 

In an oh-so-helpful state, Abe had generously taken my diaper pail tongs and placed them where they "go," in my cooking utensil drawer.

It's just a non-stop party around here these days.


Anonymous said...

Okay that is so wrong!! Put those tongs high above the rafters where they are out of his reach. You don't need that kind of help.

Too funny though. Hope you liked the pasta.


Aunt Kim said...

There is something terribly disturbing and just plain "tong" about that!

Susan said...

Ack! No no no!! We use tongs, too... I'm going to be on the lookout!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Laughing out loud over here friend!