Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In just a little under two weeks, my mom and aunt will be flying to Albuquerque to take over the troops while Jeremy and I fly back east for one of my oldest and dearest friend's wedding. And as if taking care of our offspring for five days isn't enough, they've also offered to re-paint the The Deuce's room while we're gone. And clean my oven. Oh wait, that's just my wishful thinking! Seriously though, the boys room has been a project on the to-do list for a while. And we're not exactly motivated to get it done, mostly because of the work that we know is associated with it but also because we seem to lack the creative juices to get it done. The few things we've managed to accomplish came only because of a random trip to Hobby Lobby with the husband one night. This was my pick...
This was Jer's...{opposites attract, right?!}
And here is one of my work in progress quilts. I still need to pick a border, binding and backing for it but you get the general idea...

So I am calling on all of you out in blogland, HELP! Ideas, thoughts, creative inspiration? I am clay for the molding...what would you do? Tell me your picks for paint colors, DIY projects, anything! Me and my mush for brains would be forever grateful!


Susan said...

We are re-do'ing Mo's room right now, too. What a chore. Trying to find something that fits both now and in a couple of years. Are you going with a cowboy theme? While looking for Moses I really liked this:
Not that I would get the whole thing, but I did like the colors. Khaki walls and accent pieces. Easy to change! With as fast as I'm having these babies it's a good thing. :) Can't wait to see what you decide on!

Aunt Kim said...

Sarah-here are a few thoughts

Rope-like lasso rope found at Lowe's or Home Depot to spell out their names above their beds

wanted signs that could have their pictures on them.

I also found lots of brainy ideas looking at Oriental Trading theme parties. As I scrolled through the 17 pages of cowboy stuff here were a couple of my thoughts; western shower hooks could be used for hanging drapes

curtains made from sewn together bandanas (so cheap here), also you could decorate with cowboy hats somehow as they are $14 for a dozen, the mock barbedwire could be fun also, there were cowboy light sets that looked fun, cut outs with cowboy theme and also stencils.
I did not get through all 17 pages on Oriental but here is the link to begin your cowboy search


Aunt Debbie will do a fantastic job, there is no doubt. I suggest one dark wall possibly working with the color from your star and Jer's dead animal!!!!

Anonymous said...

This room is adorable:


- Aunt Courtney

Sydni said...

Hi Sarah,

You've seen my house---I am NOT a decorator. But, I always thought that if we could paint our walls a color (oh for color, but alas we rent, so we are stuck w/boring, white walls), I would put rain gutter bookshelves in my kids' rooms. I love them! Here's a tutorial: http://raisingolives.com/2009/07/raingutter-book-shelves-tutorial/

TonyaMomma said...

Saw this blog post and thought of your new venture!! Maybe it will have some tips on there for you guys :) http://www.polkadotchair.com/2011/04/boys-bedroom-redo.html

Aunt Kim said...