Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Hope I Never Forget...

::how Ben asks for "spicy sauce" instead of  cinnamon applesauce::
::how The Deuce call Wendy's, "Wendy's House"::
::how they beg for scooby's {smoothies}:: 
::how Abe say's "shaky" when something is scary:: 
::how we eat "sanks" in our house, not snacks::
"how Ben say's "A.B.-ham" instead of Abraham::

And I especially hope that I never forget Abe's first prayer...

Dear Yord, thank you for dis day. 
Thank you for chicken's.
Thank you for cow's milk.
Thank you for da horses. 
Thank you that you love us.
In Jesus name, amen. 
Precious days, these are.


Sydni said...

Adorable!! You will forget unless you keep writing that stuff down. Yeah for blogs!

Tania said...

I think that is so precious!! Writing it down is a good way to remember. I have a picture of when Asher was like 2 and he was praying. Such a precious picture.

Anonymous said...

I still remember Courtney trying to say trampoline and came out with
bouncillator!" Do you? Love these precious days and words, cuz it goes really, really fast sweetie.


Amanda Torres said...

I could listen to them talk all day :) Thanks for sharing, it's wonderful to see God's work in such a little being.

Aunt Kim said...