Monday, April 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

41-50 of my 1000 gifts... 
 A mopped kitchen floor
5:00 pediatrician's appointment made at 4:15
An after hours doctor appointment, prescription pick up, takeout, and back home occurring faster than dinner on most nights
Qualified elders {Titus 1}
Waking before the rest of the house
Spring flowers
Mid-week Bible study
Husband made coffee, every morning, without fail
Requests to bake from my boys


Josh and Kelly said...

those moments before the house wakes- such gift if we only make the sacrifice. He's so good to invite us into His presence!

Anonymous said...

Mopped kitchen... YES! Waking early... Good for you! COFFEE...Love! Baking and BBQ'ing...can I come? ;-)