Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Warned You!

[Me, trying desperately to get a load of laundry started only to be thwarted by a fussing and generally unhappy Benji.]

"Benji-Boy, stop fussing boo. Mom needs to start this load of laundry."

"Whaaaaa, aghhhh, aghhhh, whaaaaaa!"

"Benji-Boy, if you don't stop this fussing, I'm going to stick you in this laundry basket!"

"Whaaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaa, WHAAAA!"

I guess he can be glad that I wasn't taking the garbage out!

1 comment:

jedishoney said...

hahahhaa thats way cute!!! :) didn't you explain to him that he has to get OUT of the clothes before they get washed?? :) Cute pics too by the way!!