Friday, October 3, 2008

Koehlinger Twins Update!

Blessed friends, my apologies as it has been over a week since my previous email. Kelly, the girls and I remain in Cincinnati. A week ago Saturday, Kelly was discharged from the hospital after the surgery for the twins. We were required to be at a follow up appointment on Monday. After a series of various tests, the doctors said everything looked great and the surgery could not have gone any better. Praise God. We were free to go home. Our flight was scheduled for 11am Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning Kelly noticed some fluid leakage which progressively got worse as we waited for our flight. We called our doctor here and in Albuquerque to hear what they thought about it. Both responses were the same,"Do not get on an airplane, go back to the hospital." This was perhaps the hardest decision either of us have ever had to make. Torn between the risks of flying and getting home to Sasha and our family and friends whom we long for. Despite every urge inside both of us, we knew that we didn't really have a choice. We had to do whatever was thought to be in the best interests of our unborn daughters. As we sit here now, four days later, we continue to second guess ourselves. However, God's plan continues to unfold. He has guided us and we continue to lay everything at His feet. The girls appear to be doing fine. Testing did confirm that it was indeed amniotic fluid which is not good. However, there are several possible explanations some worse than others. Worst case being that her water broke which is bad for every reason. Several ultrasounds have confirmed that both of their sacs have plenty of fluid which could mean this is not the case. Another possibility is that when the surgery was performed, some amniotic fluid leaked out through where they entered the sac. The fluid could have just taken a while to work its way out. Also, there are times when the sac can tear and leak and then reseal itself in time. Basically, we don't know what's going on in there. There's not really any way to find out either. So for now, we wait. The doctors have hinted at the possibility that on Monday she could be reevaluated and possible released to go home for the remainder of her care. How likely this is we are not sure. However, hope abounds. We are taking it one day at a time and look foreword to going at least back to Albuquerque. Please continue to pray for our girls. They need to be strong and grow quickly. Pray that Kelly remains healthy and strong. Pray for our little Sasha that she is having fun and will be content for a while longer. Pray for Kelly and I to continue to look to Him and have peace in His will. God Bless you all.

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jedishoney said...

Glad they are still splashing around on the inside! We will keep praying!!! Thanks for the update!