Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet the Graduates of 2026!

(Theo, Ben, Charlotte, Thomas, Abe)
Class of 2026, isn't that crazy?! Believe it or not but this is our weekly playdate group (minus Keely). The babies don't really play yet but all of us moms love the chance to get together and visit! I look forward to many lunches with these tykes and their mommas; and Lord willing someday maybe their graduations. : )


The Duncan's said...

Awe, so cute. You finally got the pic. Wish Keely could've been there.

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical!!! My gosh you have a football team including the girl. I will be at graduation, you can count on it!!! They have their new jeans on Rahrah!!!

Love Grammy pamm

Teresa said...

I will be coming with Grammy Pammy - but you have to factor in we will be moving a little slower with our walker, and our canes and then will have to stop freqeuntly for potty breaks. But oh yeah we will be there. Love you Teresa

Susan said...

Thanks, lady. Couldn't have done it without you. I'm was thinking as I was doing it, "now what did Sarah say to do next???"
I love the boys outfits above, by the way!

Veronica said...

That picture is adorable. Make sure you keep it and blow it up for graduation day!!!! Looking forward to seeing one with Keely!!!!

Aunt Kim said...

Aunt Teresa, Grammy Pammy and Aunt Kim will be there, but we'll have to leave Auntie Debbie at home.... cause she'll be "70"

Auntie Debbie is going to "KILL" Auntie Kim

They are all oh so very adorable. Thanks for the picture.