Friday, October 17, 2008

What's Up Doc?!

Benji's boo-boo's
A.B.'s boo-boo's
Five Looney Tunes bandaids later, we left Dr. K's office today with two VERY unhappy boys. The Deuce had their six month well-baby appointment this morning and needless to say it was not the highlight our week. On top of teething and a change in their schedule, they were lined up for shots. Not a great week but now that it's over, we've checked quite a few things off our list. (whew!) Abe's teeth don't seem to be bothering him so much, they are now happily on a four hour feeding schedule and 3 meals a day, and we don't have to go back for any poking or prodding for six whole months! Hooray!
We got some good news a the doc's today too. Abe is now considered to be consistent with a "term" baby. He was in the 10% for weight (15.15 lbs.) height (25.5 inches) and head circumference (??). Ben...well...not so much, but he still is doing wonderfully! Weight (12.14 lbs.) height (26 inches) and head circumference (??). The good news with him is that he is consistently growing, which is all they are looking for. So the difference in weight is now almost three pounds and man can I feel it! I don't know how I'm going to lug their heavy rear-ends around for much longer! There was a little boy in Target the other day that told his mom that I was stronger than "daddy" as I walked into the store with my cargo. Hilarious but quite possibly true.
Dr. K also gave us the go ahead to start some protein (chicken, turkey, lamb, and eggwhites). I'm not sure quite why, but I just have a hard time choking down that these little people who used to barely eat 12 cc's at EACH feeding are getting ready to chow down on some thanksgiving turkey with the rest of the family. Call me crazy but isn't that real people food?! Are ya sure?! Can't they just stick to pureed fruits and veggies for a while? I finally accepted that they like bananas and zucchini. Now you want me to throw a whole new wrench? Sheesh. This train needs to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.


Aunt Kim said...

Just wait until that gravy train is bellied up to the B-B-Q. "Yes, mother we would like ANOTHER
T-Bone steak!"

Crystal said...

Thanks! I have to say I am SO blessed that he's sleeping through the night. My mom suggested biting his nails too, I think I might have to try it, I just get SO nervous. Even with the baby clippers with the guard I cut him! : (
Aren't shots the worst? Xander had his first one's last month and it was torture! We both were in tears! Do you get used to it at all? I'm not thinking so! I'm REALLY not looking forward to the next round next month.
By the way, you're baby boys are absolutely adorable! I just LOVE reading about them! You've got me all excited to start solid foods! haha A couple more months though.