Monday, October 27, 2008

A Letter From A.B.

Dear mom,

Now that I'm crawling I really thought we should discuss some boundaries. I no longer like to just lay contentedly on the floor, kick my legs, and play with toys like my brother. Rather I would like to explore the vacuum plug while it's on, or chew on some clean clothes while you fold laundry, or maybe try and get to the heater vent since that hot air that blows out of it is so interesting. So instead of doing your usual "grab me and haul me back to my usual safe places," I was thinking you should probably let me just do what I want. On the chance that you don't understand this last suggestion, I will be more than happy to let you know when the said circumstance arises by letting out a wretched shriek that rivals the depths of Mordor. You know, like the kinds of screams we hear at Wal-Mart, Mom?! The kind where you said you would rather drop dead than have a child act like that? We'll I wish I could write more but I'm off to try and catch up with the cat. Glad we could have this talk.
Love, A.B.


Susan said...

Ha ha ha!! I especially liked the part about Walmart :)

The Duncan's said...

Dear A.B.,

My mommy said if you don't cool it you just might get it. I'm not sure what exactly that means but it didn't sound good to me. My vote is that you do what you gotta do to explore, I'm all about it!

Love, Keely