Monday, July 21, 2008

4 Month Check Up

The boys went to the doc today for their 4 month shots, all five of them. That's right FIVE! The appointment went about as well as two four month olds getting five shots each could. The poor nurse...she was about 110 years old and had NO idea what hit her. She kept apologizing but the boys showed her no mercy. I just smiled and hoped the sweat stains weren't visable.

On the upside, Abe is missed it by a hair, so close we could almost taste it, about to make it onto the charts. He weighed in at 12 lbs. 12 oz, 24 1/2 inches long, and a 40cm head circumfrence. (Also known as the size of a Bobbin newborn! HA!) When we asked the doc about a weird little rash under his neck his reponse was that it was a sweat rash on a chubby baby. I kind of liked that response. Aber is finally in the "chubby" category. As for little Benito, he's still a close second. He weighed 10 lbs. 10 oz, 23 inches long, and a 39cm head circumference. He's no where near close to making it onto the charts. In fact he's in the red. That's okay with us though. As long as he's bright eyed and active, we're good. And for those of you that know Ben...well bright eyed just about completely describes him.

Dr. Kulasinghe also gave us the go ahead to give Abe rice cereal and a few first foods. I think we're going to try and wait until the boys hit 6 months though before we start them on anything other than rice. The breastmilk is just so good for them and has so much fat for growing...they just need all the help they can get. Eventually we'll have to start some food though. The boys are eating close to 65 oz. of milk a day between the two of them!

5 months on Friday...where has the time gone?!?


jedishoney said...

I am so proud of you!!! You are doing great as a mom of these 2 happy "chubby" babies! hahaha Just wait till you are looking them in the eye. *see Ethan.....sigh* Then you will go... wait... 5 minutes ago they didn't even make the charts..... :) love ya!!!

Gina said...

Hey Sarah,

Sounds like a great visit! When I started Amber and Ethan on cereal they were about 5.5 months and I made it using some breastmilk. The familiar taste really helped them like it I think. It took until the 2nd or 3rd try for them to eat a significant amount and then it was like a craving for them. Keep up the good work Super Pumping :)